The Best Brown Butter Brownies

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Everyone loves brownie recipes, but not all brownie recipes are created equal. There are delicious brownie recipes, there are healthy brownie recipes, and there are decadent brownie recipes, and then, there’s the Best Brown Butter Brownies recipe. This recipe can potentially blow all of the others straight out of the water, simply because it’s so incredibly good. First of all, it calls for three different kinds of chocolate, so you could actually call it a triple chocolate brown butter brownie recipe. Secondly, according to popular opinion, it’s the brown butter in this brownie recipe that really makes it stand alone in the brownie recipe arena. It’s also a relatively quick and easy dessert recipe, so if you’re feeling adventurous, and craving chocolate, why not give this brownie recipe a go? Then you can see for yourself whether or not it’s truly the best brownie recipe in the whole wide world.

Brownies are a popular sweet square dessert that are flat and compact in nature. They are a favourite treat common to cafes and coffee bars, probably because they go so well with tea and coffee. They’re also a common dessert offering at restaurants. Luscious brownie recipes tend to combine the best of two other types of sweet treats into one – they’re a combination of cake and soft cookie. Brownies tend to have a smooth, thick layer on the outside, and a soft, chewy layer on the inside. You can’t really compare brownies to any other kind of dessert, however, as they truly have a flavour and texture that’s all their own. Some brownies are cakier than other brownies, while some are more fudge-like inside. Brownies wouldn’t really be brownies if they were not chocolaty brown. For anyone who loves chocolate, brownies are the best of all sweet addictions. Traditionally, brownies have been eaten as a type of hand-to-mouth food, rather than using a plate and fork; however, if you enjoy warm brownies with ice cream, you are going to need a plate. You might want to add whipped cream on top. If you cannot eat dairy, then you can easily replace the ice cream with rice cream, coconut ice cream or almond ice cream, or possibly even cashew ice cream – there are lots of alternatives these days, and they all taste delicious.

Ever wonder how brownies got invented and how they became so popular in our modern day western world? It’s difficult to say exactly when brownies were born. However, there’s a great story about Bertha Palmer, a well-to-do, high-society woman who was planning the upcoming World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. She needed a special dessert that could easily be packed into boxed lunches for all of the women attending the Expo, so she went to one of her favourite pastry chefs and told him exactly what she was looking for. The result was one of the first, if not the first, brownies that was served with walnuts and apricot glaze. This famous brownie was later named the Palmer House Brownie and is served at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago to this very day.

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