The Best Carrot Cake

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In my books, the best carrot cake is always the one that I do not have to make, but still get to eat. Still, this website, Adora’s Box, says this recipe will produce the best carrot cake in a field full of great recipe choices, so let’s take a look at how to make what is a spectacular cake. There are a few steps this recipe takes that help to ensure a fabulous flavor, and possibly contend with Red Velvet Cake for claims to being the best cake around. That is a tall claim. Red Velvet Cake is a pretty fabulous cake. Still, carrot cake is also delicious, and, since it is almost always made with oil (as this recipe is) it can sometimes beat the Red Velvet in terms of moistness.

This cake also uses grated orange in the mix. Grated orange peel adds fabulous flavor to almost anything—including savory dishes such as Chile, or spicy dishes (Indian, in particular). Two other spices, cinnamon and allspice, will add to the richness of this cake. Carrots impart color and great texture, while buttermilk adds a bit of tang and ensures a good rise. In all, this cake will yield a fabulous version of the best carrot cake, and you would not go wrong bookmarking this recipe as your go to for this special dessert.

Carrot cake packs a great nutritional punch because of the number of eggs that provide protein, the buttermilk, carrots and other fruits that are often incorporated to the cake. Using oil means no trans fats are in the cake, and that means a better cake, too. So try this recipe, and don’t leave out the glaze! It is another unique and fabulous component in this great recipe.

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