The Best Cast Iron Skillet Recipes For Your Next Meal

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Are you a proud owner of a cast iron skillet? Isn’t it the most amazing invention on the face of the Earth? But do you get the feeling you’re not using it to its fullest capacity? Aren’t there more ways that you can be using it? You bet! If you’re planning your next meal, here are some of the best cast iron skillet recipes for you to choose from!

We’re pretty sure you haven’t even dreamed of making some of these recipes in your skillet before, but you won’t be able to stop after you read this article. For example, what about lasagna? Did you know you can actually cook it in your cast iron skillet? Wow! And believe us, it will cook it perfectly. Nachos are another one! What?! Yes, and they will taste even better if you cook them in your cast iron skillet.

If you can cook Nachos and Lasagna in your cast iron skillet, then what in the world else can you cook?

Well, what about corn bread? And Sunday Steak? And Curried Butternut Squash? Really, your imagination’s your only limit when you’ve got a cast iron skillet.

If it’s important to use your cast iron skillet as much as possible, then you’re really going to love all of these recipes. And these aren’t even half of them!

How about Chicken Pot Pie Pizza? And Roasted Brussels Sprouts? And 25 minute Skillet Chicken Roast with Carrots and Leeks? We haven’t even mentioned the best ones yet. Or the desserts!

Like S’mores Skillet Chocolate Dip, Cherry Peach Pies, Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Chocolate Skillet Cake. Yum! What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

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