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If you can’t get enough of the classic cheeseburger, this cheeseburger pie recipe will become a favourite of yours and your family’s. This pie recipe involves stuffing a pie crust with a saucy beef mixture before being topped with plenty of cheese and mustard. This combination takes the burger that is grilled in summer and turns it into a satisfying cold-weather dish that the whole family will love. Ben, the author of the Comfortable Food recipe blog, created this hamburger recipe because of the cravings for American food that he had while living in Europe. Of course, the hamburger topped with cheese would be at the forefront of anyone’s cravings, which is why this pie was created. If you similarly desired the seasoned meat with oozing cheese, make this dish for your family tonight. Before you know it, you will be adding it to your regular meal plans.

Although making pie crust can be challenging, you don’t have to worry about that in this cheeseburger pie recipe, because Ben doesn’t make his own dough. Instead, he utilises a store-bought pie crust which is something everyone can find in the freezer section of their grocery store and makes this dinner recipe a cinch to make. Of course, you could make your own pie crust is you prefer or if you usually have dough in your freezer already. If making your pie dough, the process of mixing is relatively easy, although you will want to limit how much you work the dough. Overworking pie dough may cause the crust to be tough rather than having the favourable flaky quality, and also cause shrinkage during baking. The key is to stir all the dry ingredients together before cutting in plenty of butter. That way when you add the liquid, you won’t have to mix as much to bring the dough together. In fact, it is ideal to just toss the butter and flour mixture with the liquid before kneading a few times to pull the dough together.

The secret to the cheeseburger nature of this pie recipe is the melted cheese topping as well as plenty of mustard. The ground beef is combined with tomato sauce for added moisture, rather than being infused with ketchup, which can make dishes overly sweet. The mustard is combined with the topping so that you get that hit of acidity. Ben uses Dijon mustard, which is very tangy and spicy, but if you are looking for any food substitutions, classic prepared yellow mustard will work just as well. For even more burger flair to this easy meal, consider topping with all your favourite burger toppings too, like crisp bacon, relish and ketchup, or finely chopped tomato and onion. You can even put the toppings on the table and let everyone decorate their own slice of this hamburger pie recipe.

The next time you require easy and delicious dinner recipes to prepare on a weeknight, this hamburger pie can be prepared very quickly. If you are already experienced at making your own burgers, you won’t find a lot of difference regarding making the filling for this amazing savoury pie recipe. All you have to do if you are using a prepared pie crust is bake the pie crust off, knead the hamburger mixture together, and then fill the pie and bake it again. For even easier prep, you can pre-bake the pie crust the day before and store in a large zip-top bag until ready to use. Thank you to Ben, the author of the Comfortable Food recipe blog, for sharing his best cheeseburger pie recipe with us.

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