The Best Chicken Pot Pie

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Good family meals can start out as someone’s recipe you find like this one form Ashlyn. This recipe can be included in your litany of chicken breast recipes and will also become one of your great family dinner ideas. Potpies are great and not as complicated as you might think. Most good family meals will always take some work and love but in the end the family dinner for loving friends and family that share the table with you for a great meal will appreciate the ideas you come up with.

Chicken breast recipes are a great way to get that lean cut of meat into your system. With the buzz being made regarding healthy eating the chicken breast is now becoming one of the go to meats for many different recipes and Ashlyn lovingly includes it in her potpie offering. With many people now preferring to cook meals at home for the health benefits but also for the chance to bond with loved ones it is not surprising to find many people looking for the meal that will both be nutritious and delicious but also cost conservative.

Chicken breast are a wonderful way to get protein into your system while keeping the fat content down. You can include chicken breasts in salads, stews, casseroles and many other wonderful recipes. When you are cleaning your chicken always make sure you clean off all your cutting boards, knives, countertops and especially your hands. Raw chicken carries many bacteria that can easily cross contaminate other foods and the bacteria have a long life so if they are not properly cleaned and disinfected it is very easy for that bacteria to attach itself to other foods you are preparing.

Try to have a great sanitizer as part of your kitchen cleaners and if you don’t have any then white vinegar diluted with water will also work at killing unwanted bacteria.The beauty of the potpie lies in the chance to use leftover meat and veggies but you can also use fresh ones but it helps cut down cooking time if you have leftovers. This comfort food has taken the foothold it has in our many kitchens because of the simplicity and ease of preparation. Most potpies consist of a type of meat; the variety is abundant, vegetables and a sauce to bind everything together. You can always skip the meat and make the veggie version. The secret and binding ingredient is the sauce. Everyone has a take on that part of the recipe but Ashlyn has made that simple since she uses a canned cream soup, or your own if you want, that brings everything nicely together. Ashlyn has put together a healthy rendition of this wonderful comfort food that has graced many kitchens and with an inspiration here and there from you it can become your favorite potpie recipe. Thanks to Ashlyn of Belle of the Kitchen Blog for this yummy and filling The Best

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe and bon apetit.**

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