The BEST Chili Dip

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Try this made from scratch chili dip, and you will have your family lined up again tomorrow night asking you to make the exact same meal that you may have in mind for dinner tonight. This chili dip recipe is extra special because it starts with making your own chili. So you could make chile tonight and save some of it for chili dip recipe as an appetizer for tomorrow night’s dinner. Or use some of the chile you make tonight for a chili dip to start tonight’s meal. Any way that you make it, this chili dip recipe will be a welcome addition to your meal repertoire. So try it out and see how the kids and the rest of the family enjoy this meal.

Do not try and leave out or skip even a single ingredient in this chili dip recipe. Each ingredient adds its own twist to this delicious dip recipe, especially small ingredients such as the cilantro. The cilantro will add great color, of course, to the chili dip recipe, but it also adds a wonderful fresh and green flavor that is hard to replace. The cilantro is also lemony and peppery, both great flavor complements and contrasts to the chili dip recipe. So be sure to use plenty here. There is also big flavor to be found in this chili dip recipe from the three different kinds of cheese that are used in the dip. That means loads of fat, of course, but also plenty of protein, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. So this dish will offer lots of nutrition to everyone who enjoys it as well as big taste. So you can feel pretty good when you put this chili dip recipe out on the table.

This chili dip could almost make a meal because of all the great ingredients that are found in it. But it definitely can make a super snack that you could serve guests and friends as well as family, or make up just as a late night snack when the family is home and watching a favorite television program. Any way you like to serve it, this chili dip will be met with plenty of “oohs” and “ahs” from those who are lucky enough to get to eat it. This recipe suggests serving this dip with nacho chips. That is a great idea, but you could also serve this dip with fresh veggies. Veggies such as celery, carrots, peppers and other similar vegetables would taste great and add another dimension of nutrition to this dish. Enjoy this dish soon, and keep it book marked so you can find it quickly whenever you want to make a snack.

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