The Best Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

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So here is The Best Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread recipe that you could find today. The web site, Deliciously Yum, offers many really great recipes, and this one for the pumpkin bread is no exception. The photos on the web site are really great and show case the lovely golden orange color, chocolate chips, and great texture that you can expect when you make this recipe today. Chocolate and pumpkin are two equally robust flavors that complement each other really well, and the dark brown of chocolate looks beautiful against the lighter golden color of the bread itself.

This bread is made from scratch, and that always means a better product (at least according to this blogger). Here four different spices are included to give a fabulous scent and taste in addition to the pumpkin puree that forms the basis of the flavor. The one spice that really makes the difference (in this blogger’s mind) is the ginger. Here, only dried ginger is used, but many recipes will combine minced ginger, candied ginger (in the glaze) and dried ginger to really emphasize the bite of this fabulous spice. Wait until you have made this dessert a few times and then you can experiment with this spice, as you like it.

This is a great recipe, made from scratch, with lots of wonderful spices to give flavor and bite to the bread. Chocolate chips round out the bread, adding even more taste and great texture. There is no glaze for this recipe, but consider one of butter, sugar and fresh minced ginger. Chop and toss candied ginger and chocolate chips on top as a finish with finesse. These extras will make the bread sweeter and give it a definitive ginger snap. Be sure that ginger is a taste you and your family enjoy before adding so much to this already terrific recipe.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Deliciously Yum, by following the link below.

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