The Best Chopped Salad

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Try The Best Chopped Salad recipe that you might be able to find on the Internet today, and serve it to your family for supper tonight. This big salad recipe includes not only all of the ingredients for a super chopped salad recipe, but also the vinaigrette that you can serve on top of it. And this vinaigrette will be far better than any commercial topping that you might purchase at the local grocery store. So try and put together not only the salad recipe for dinner tonight, but also make up the dressing. Together, this combination of salad and dressing is unbeatable. And, there are so many great ingredients that you could really serve this as a meal in itself!

For many people, a salad is just not enough for dinner, but this chopped salad recipe includes some pretty hefty ingredients. For example, there are two kinds of meats in this salad, both chicken and bacon. This combination is a great one with the salty and rich flavor of the bacon really emphasizing the slightly more mild and sweet flavor of the chicken. As well, there are not one, but two, different kinds of lettuce included in this chopped salad recipe. Beyond that, you add in cooked pasta and also gorgonzola cheese, a robust cheese that brings plenty of great taste to this chopped salad recipe.

This is an easy recipe to make, and one that could serve as a great dinner, especially given that it has two kinds of meat, cheese, pasta and loads of lettuce and cabbage in the mix. Serve it with a great Italian bread, and do not forget to make the dressing recipe that is included. Its made from scratch flavor will be sure to please even the fussiest eater on your list. Of course, this salad could make a terrific, nutritious, and filling lunch, but it might need a bit more to be enough for super. Serve this dish with whatever you are making and consider it the vegetable plate for the meal. There is more than enough to let this chopped salad recipe stand in for the veggies tonight. You could add fish, red meat, lamb, more chicken, and many other main dishes to make this a robust, filling and complete meal. If you find that there is more of one ingredient than you like, such as the large amount of bacon that this recipe calls for, feel free to simply reduce the amount that you add. One wonderful thing about salad is the freedom that you have to add and detract whatever you do or do not want in it. Keep this page bookmarked, and enjoy this chopped salad recipe soon.

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