The BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes and Decorating Ideas

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Baking cookies and dessert recipes is part of getting into the Christmas spirit. Does your family bake every holiday season? If so, you probably get really excited thinking about all of the different treats you'll make each year. If you didn't grow up baking during the holidays, you can always start your own traditions of baking with your family or your friends. It's always a fun thing to have each person bake something that they love and then do a fun baked goods exchange between friends. You can always freeze some of the baked goods if you don't want to eat them all up right away, or you can leave them out for guests that you have over during the holidays. Andreja Vucajnk from Easy Peasy and Fun shares her favourite easy homemade cookies and different ways to decorate them, so they look festive for Christmas. Just looking at these dessert recipes will get your mouth watering and you'll definitely crave some sweet treats after looking through them all. So make sure to jot down which of the recipes are your favourites and bookmark them so you can come back and make them later on.

Cookies are one of the easiest yet most well-loved dessert recipes ever. They are just the perfect size for nibbling on and just having a taste. Cookies have been around for thousands of years, and the name comes from the Dutch word koekje which means little cake. It's quite appropriate because cookies are like little mini personal cakes that are easy to take with you wherever you go. In fact, that's why cookies were first created, as a travel-friendly snack, although the ones in the past weren't as sweet as the ones today. It's said that cookies originated in 7th century AD Persia when sugar started being used in recipes. Then, cookies became popular first in Spain and then by the 14th century, they were very common and eaten by people from all classes in society. Cookies made it over to the US and Canada in the early 1600s by the Dutch settlers of New Netherland. There are probably now over 100 different cookie recipes in the world, and it seems like new cookie recipes are coming out all the time. These easy homemade cookies from Easy Peasy and Fun are mainly Christmas cookie recipes, but you can make them any time of year.

Of course, she has some Christmas character ones that would be best made around Christmas, but some of them could be made for other occasions too if you use your imagination and creativity. There are easy snowman cookies, Grinch cookies and even reindeer cookies. And of course, you have to have the gingerbread people in any Christmas recipe collection. She then shares Christmas tree style cookies which are super cute. You can make a simple chocolate cookie Christmas tree or a brownie cookie tree, and the fun part is decorating them with the icing you put on top. Peppermint flavours are always popular at Christmas time as well, so there are some peppermint candy cookie recipes too. Including peppermint crunchy cookies, peppermint sugar cookies, and even peppermint meringues. There's even a peppermint brownie recipe that would be sure to go great with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Once you have all of your dessert recipes planned out, you can also use Easy Peasy and Fun for some meal planning inspiration too. Since the kids will be home on school break, you could even have them choose a couple of recipes to make with you for fun. Enjoy these easy homemade cookies and have fun making some fun memories this holiday season.***

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