The Best Coconut Pound Cake

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This Best Coconut Pound Cake recipe is a culinary masterpiece that intertwines the flavor and texture together in one recipe. This delectable coconut cake is traditional yet simplistic. The ingredients are simple and uncomplicated yet yield such a rich, dense texture in the cake. There is certain tenderness to this cake with a moist crumbly texture that will keep your sweet tooth satiated for days. This delicious coconut cake recipe is perfectly drizzled with a sweet coconut icing and then sprinkled with coconut flakes on top.

This wonderful coconut cake recipe is a fun cake to make for kids’ birthdays or just about any occasion. You can creative and make tiny bite-sized cupcakes for your guests if you wish. In this recipe, it is important to add the coconut extract for achieving a perfect coconut flavoured cake. There are many coconut extract brands to choose from at your local grocery store. The secret to making good pound cakes is to follow some important steps in the preparation. Always separate the eggs and only beat in the yolks first. After the batter is mixed with the remaining ingredients, beat the egg whites till frothy and carefully fold into the batter right before you transfer it into the oven. This will result in a scrumptious light cake with a crumbly texture. Pound cakes also yield a wonderful flavour when you add a good quality pure vanilla organic extract. Vanilla, just like salt acts as a flavour enhancer. Nielsen-Massey is a top organic pure vanilla extract with no corn syrup or additives.

Coconut flakes have a natural sweetness that adds distinct flavor and gives dense texture to desserts. A healthier option to use in dessert recipes would be to opt for sugarless coconut flakes for getting in that unsweetened coconut nutrition. You can find unsweetened coconut at any health food store and sometimes called as ‘desiccated’ coconut. You could even make coconut flakes in your kitchen to get the maximum health benefits from coconut nutrition. Just throw coconut bits into a blender or a coffee grinder and blend them until you get a course texture. It is important to know that coconut nutrition plays a vital role in promoting lauric acid to the body, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Besides the several health benefits that come from unsweetened coconut nutrition, it is also low in carbs and loaded with fiber. Coconut oil and weight loss have been proved to be inter related and can be used for losing belly fat. The fatty acids present in coconut oil help in speeding up the metabolism and lead to weight loss. Thank you to Mary Younkins at the ‘Barefeet in the Kitchen’ food blog for sharing this Best Coconut Pound Cake recipe with us. Do visit her blog for more wonderful desserts recipes. This easy Coconut Pound Cake recipe is wonderfully tempting and a flavoursome dessert for more helpings especially if you love coconut flavour. Make some today for friends and family!**

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