The Best Creamiest Mac n Cheese with Guyere Cheddar and Bacon

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What’s not to like in this time-honored favorite of macaroni and cheese? Absolutely nothing and this recipe is the best creamiest mac n cheese with guyere cheddar and bacon you will ever make. Can you believe the ingredient list? This dish is just bursting with flavor and will make your mouth water just thinking about making it for your dinner tonight.

Mac and cheese originated in England where it was often baked with meat and sometimes other vegetables in the oven. Today Mac n Cheese is made in a whole variety of ways including on top of the stove for a quick lunch to beautifully arranged in a pie dish and topped with a variety of cheeses and bread crumbs delicious and pretty enough to offer to guests for dinner. This particular recipe blends the best of every recipe to justly earn it the title of best and creamiest.

This recipe uses not one, not two, but three different cheeses on top of both butter and milk. That’s unbeatable cheese-y butter-y yummy flavor. But the recipe doesn’t stop there. You add lots of thick sliced bacon to give the Mac n Cheese plenty of depth and in-your-stomach goodness. Then just for fun add a teeny bit of heat with powdered mustard and cayenne pepper. What’s not to like?

This recipe can be partially prepared ahead of time to make its already speedy prep time even faster—because we all know how busy we are. Grate the cheeses the day before and even cook up the bacon. Keep everything nice and cold overnight in the fridge before pulling it out to put it together when you’re ready to cook. But no matter how you prepare it, this meal will become a family favorite in no time flat. With its combination of cheese, bacon and macaroni served next to a great green salad this meal offers nutrition and flavor in spades. Try it tonight!

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