The Best Cuts Of Meat To Braise, Roast, Grill And Fry

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If you are new to cooking, here are the best cuts of meat to braise, roast, grill and fry that will help you become a great cook or build on your already existing skills as a culinary expert.

There is a difference whether you braise or roast, grill or fry. Some seem obvious. Most of us know what it means to fry. But how is that different from braising meat? And is there really a big difference in grilling than frying or braising? In fact there is.

Not only are the techniques of braising, roasting, grilling and frying quite different from each other but, done properly, can create unique tastes and texture to the same meat. As well, some meats are better for different methods of cooking. That is, in part, because of the amount of fat in the meat which influences its tenderness and responsiveness under different kinds of heat. So which meat you choose, and how you choose to prepare it, can make a huge difference in outcomes.

This discussion on the Food Republic website is a good one to review what fat you need on which cut of meat and where you should look for it. Fat, as the site emphasizes, means flavor. It also means tenderness, juiciness, and meat that is sweet and wonderful and just falls apart. That is what we’re looking for.

Braising is the favored approach for this chef. Agreed. Braising is a two-part approach to cooking meat (or vegetables and even some fruit) that first sears (not burns) the outside of the meat and then cooks it in its juices or possibly with some added flavorings. It results in a tender and delicious product.

Check out how chicken is prepared for the grill. This website looks at how to cook a whole chicken over the grill using a cutting method that will make preparation and cooking easy. Try it out tonight. You’ll be a culinary star in the eyes of your family and friends.

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