The Best Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

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This recipe throws down the gauntlet in this claim for The Best Dutch Apple Pie Recipe. The web site, Six Sister’s Stuff, has loads of great things on it, even beyond food recipes, so let’s just see what they are offering in this apple pie. Traditional Dutch apple pie is somewhat different from our traditional North American pie, which comes down to us from the British. Dutch Apple pie often has two types, one with a crumb, and a second, made with an elaborately woven lattice top made from pie crust. Dutch apple pies can also include raisins or possibly other dried fruit, and include seasonings that we might not normally have in North American apple pie. Dutch apple pies have even been known to have icings on them. Recipes for varieties of Dutch Apple pie go back at least 400 years. The Swedes also make a great apple pie, and also a lovely apple cake. Apples are grown every where around the world, so it is probably not likely there is any culture that does not have some kind of great dessert featuring apples.

Today, when we in North America talk about Dutch Apple pie, we usually mean the variety that is made with a crumb. And that is what this recipe offers. This particular recipe includes oats in the crumb, which provide a lovely and nutty, somewhat buttery flavor in the crumb. You can use more than one variety of apples if you like, or one of the ones the recipe recommends.

This is a great chance to try a different kind of pie following the trends of another culture. The crumb is a lovely complement to the apples, providing a light and sweet crunch against the tangy and tart flavor of good apples. Try this recipe soon, and see which one your family enjoys the most. Guesses are they will love both, and want pieces of each one.

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