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The vents are one of those things you might forget to clean on a regular basis until you look up and see just how dusty they have gotten. And it doesn't take all that long for them to collect dust, especially if you are if you are running an air conditioner in the summer and the heater in the winter. The good news is that there is an easy way to clean the vents with this house cleaning tip that will leave them looking like new again. The house cleaning tip and ingredient to use on your vents is Turtle Wax. The kind that you use on your car, except for this house cleaning tip you will use them on the vents. It might seem a little odd to be using Turtle Wax on your vents, but it makes the vents easy to clean because the dust just wipes right off.

1. For this house cleaning tip and DIY idea for getting your vents clean start by removing the vents and washing them. You can place the vents into the sink and fill the sink with some soapy water and wash the vents just like you would like the dishes, or you might choose to wash each vent individually. It's up to your, whichever way works. Then you want to let the vents dry, otherwise, the waxing portion of this house cleaning tip won’t work. It's a good idea to let the vents dry overnight and then use the Turtle Wax in the morning.

2. The next step in this house cleaning tip and DIY idea is to wax the house vents with the Turtle Wax. Wax the vents. Apply the Turtle Wax liberally, just like you would apply when waxing the car. Don’t forget to wax the underside of the vent. After the vent has been completely covered with the wax, you want to buff off the wax. This house cleaning tip and DIY idea can be a bit tedious when you are doing the whole house, but it is a diy idea that is worth it. You might try this house cleaning tip on a different day than your regular cleaning day. By spending a little time to wax all of your house vents will keep the vents clean longer, and it will make maintaining the cleanliness of the vents quicker and easier.

Using Turtle Wax on your household vents isn't the only house cleaning tip you can use the popular wax for. You can use Turtle Wax to help repel dirt and dust in your house. Polish your dustpan with a bit of Turtle Wax to give the dustpan a non-stick surface that will cause the dirt and dust to slide right off. You can also use Turtle Wax as a house cleaning tip to help clean window blinds. Apply a thin coating of car wax to the blinds. The car wax will help to repel dirt and dust. You can also do the same for ceiling fan blades and air vents. For fog-free bathroom mirrors. To prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up after a hot shower simply apply a small amount of car wax, let the wax dry, and buff with a soft dry cloth. Use car wax to lubricate and protect your tools. Apply a thin layer of car wax to your tools to help stop them from rusting. You will find this vent house cleaning tips on the Somewhat Simple site. On the site, you will find house cleaning tips, DIY ideas, organizing tips, decorating ideas, natural cleaners, projects to do, lifestyle and more. **

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