The Best Ever Root Beer Float Pie

Photo Credit: Together As Family

Have you ever had a root beer float? Well now there is even a pie mimicked after it! Try this recipe for The Best Ever Root Beer Float Pie! Root beer floats are something that reminds us of being a kid and in the 40s and 50s when sodas were first starting to come out, people would line up at the diner to get their sodas or floats, maybe even a milk shake. It was a classic piece of American culture that we still see in pictures and art today, the soda shoppe was the place to be in that day and age and people still reminisce about the good old days with a nice root beer float!

This is a pie that takes the good old classic and converts the favourite flavours into a pie! How cool is that?! Someone must have thought, now how can I make a root beer float for more than one person, well why not make it into a pie?! This recipe comes to us from Together as Family, and is super easy and quick to make. In fact the author says she made it while her kids were getting their pyjamas on and then she put it in the freezer for them to all enjoy the next day!

The pie has all of the flavours of a root beer float in a pie, which is just too cool! So you could even make one of any flavour of soda float as long as you had the flavour of soda you wanted to do! It would be fun to do a cherry one even! The root beer flavour comes from root beer extract, and the cream is made with vanilla pudding mix and whipped cream or cool whip, and of course you can't forget to put a cherry on top! Head over to 'Together as Family' by following the link in the section below for more!

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