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So this website gives some interesting history about various types and styles of biscuits, thus the name, The Serious Eats Guide to Biscuits. On this page alone, at least five different recipes can tantalize you to make biscuits tonight. And, this page will give you some interesting history about the quick bread. There are so many different kinds of biscuits, and almost every culture (possibly every culture, but I cannot say for certainty!) seems to have some kind of quick bread like creation that is made for sandwiches, soup, and stews and as a basic meal accompaniment.

Fresh biscuits will bring your family running to the family every night that you serve them. They are fabulous when they come hot out of the oven, and their scent permeates your entire home. They taste great smothered in butter and jam or honey and go well with just about any dinner you plan to serve. Guests love them; they make guests feel like their visit is special, and their meal has been specially planned. As it has—with biscuits made from scratch by you.

The Serious Eats Guide to Biscuits gives you plenty of ways to pull together this great quick bread. The recipes are varied and interesting and you can learn to change flavors with different flours, adding ingredients, or changing seasonings. Biscuits are much more challenging to make than some people realize, and the culinary skill to put fresh, light and delicious biscuits on the dinner table is a feat that many bakers and cooks never really achieve. Try some of these recipes soon. Certainly be sure to book mark the page so you can try at least a few of the recipes offered here.

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