The Best Garlic Herb Cheesy Potatoes

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Potatoes are at the heart of this recipe for The Best Garlic Herb Cheesy Potatoes that you could possibly ever eat. And once you read over the recipe, you will see why these cheesy potatoes are so delicious. The recipe blends sweet potatoes and russet potatoes with lots of lovely cream and cheese as well as a few surprise ingredients and seasonings to produce what is a fabulous dish. These potatoes are a fabulous recipe, so even if you are not planning on potatoes tonight, be sure to check out the website and book mark this recipe. You will be glad you did.

This recipe includes sweet potatoes, a remarkable potato variety. Sweet potatoes contain a huge amount of beta carotene, which becomes converted to vitamin A in our bodies. Sweet potatoes also have plenty of vitamin C, manganese and copper, to name just some of the benefits you can enjoy from eating this tremendous vegetable. Russet potatoes are also a great source of fiber, especially if you make this recipe with the skins on, which you can choose to do. Potatoes are also good sources of potassium, better even than bananas. The gruyere cheese that the recipe calls for is a very special cheese whose flavor will bring out the best in both of these vegetables.

This is a very special recipe that can be used on occasions where you really want to show off your culinary skills. The blend of potatoes, cream and cheese choice will result in an extraordinary dish. It will serve up well with those meals where you serve roasts, legs, or entire birds in a celebratory meal. Be sure to bookmark this recipe and try it out the next time you make something really special for dinner.

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