The Best German Chocolate Cheesecake

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Make The Best German Chocolate Cheesecake recipe for you and your family tonight, or for tomorrow night, if you want to chill it thoroughly before serving this lovely recipe to your kids and family and friends. It is delicious. This cheesecake recipe has the usual three layers to it that includes the base of graham wafers, the middle of cheese (and lots of it) as well as the German Chocolate topping from the original cake recipe. So this is a rich and fabulous and deeply chocolate cake.

The recipe begins with the graham wafer base adding in chocolate to make it rich and delicious. It is quick and simple to make and even your up and coming baker can help with this step. The middle layer, which has the cream cheese and chocolate (bittersweet, which will taste fabulous) will take a bit more time to create. It has lots of eggs, cream cheese, chocolate and other ingredients to give big flavor to this lovely dessert. Greek yogurt adds more tang as well as lots of extra protein to this chocolate cheesecake recipe. At this stage of the mixing, the base and cream cheese filling are baked. Be careful to pay attention to this stage and do not over cook the mixture. That is a common mistake made by first time bakers. The middle will still be just a tad wiggly, as the site, Sweet & Savory, explains in their easy to read and follow instructions. So read them carefully when you get to this point so that your cheesecake turns out perfectly.

Once the cheesecake and base are cooked, allow them to cool completely. The icing is the last part of this recipe. You can actually prepare it while the chocolate cheesecake recipe is baking, in order to speed up making this cheesecake recipe. The icing is a cooked one, and that may be a great experience for a new baker. It will allow him or her to see how many ways a topping can be prepared for various dishes, and just offer a different take on what sort of things can be put on top of a cake or other dessert. This frosting can work on a lot of different sweets, from loaves of sweet bread, to cookies (such as a chocolate cookie or even a vanilla one) as well as ordinary cakes and, as it is used in this recipe, on the cheesecake. The combination of ingredients including the pecans and coconut are what mark the special nature of the German chocolate cake. That cake includes coconut and pecans with the chocolate to create a fabulous and rich result. That great flavor is re-created in this cheesecake recipe.

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