The Best Homemade Crackers

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Saltine crackers are wonderfully salty and a perfect pairing to soups, but have you ever considered tossing them with your favourite seasonings for a more varied cracker flavour? This fire crackers recipe re-imagines the saltine cracker as a spicy, Ranch dressed treat, which is as addictive as potato chips straight from the bag. Even if you don’t want to pair this crackers recipe with soup, they probably won’t last long, since you’ll be eating them just on their own.

Cooking with kids can be a challenge because no matter if it’s an easy recipe, you don’t want young children working with knives or high levels of heat. This kid-friendly crackers recipe is a perfect way to get your kids in the kitchen and interested in their food because it is just a matter of mixing the saltine crackers with some spices and marinating them over an hour or so. Red pepper flakes may be a little spicy for your kids, though, so feel free to omit them, or replace them with less spicy chilli powder. If you want to create a salt and pepper cracker recipe, you can even replace the pepper flakes with crushed pink peppercorns, which are very fruity in flavour compared with traditional black peppercorns. Just place the peppercorns in a Ziploc bag and crush with a pot of rolling pin until fine enough to sprinkle onto the crackers of this easy crackers recipe.

This spiced cracker recipe is unique enough to include with all your easy party appetizer recipes, and your guests will be very impressed. Consider topping these spicy crackers with thinly sliced Havarti and julienne roasted red pepper or with crumbled blue cheese and slices of ripe pear. Red pepper flakes are a common ingredient in spicier Italian dishes, so you could even turn this tasty cracker recipe into an appetizer inspired by the calabrese salad with halved cherry tomatoes, whole basil leaves, and slices of creamy buffalo-milk mozzarella. As far as quick fast and easy recipes, this fiery cracker recipe is highly sophisticated in flavour and appearance. These salty crackers are tossed with Ranch dressing mix, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese, in addition to the red pepper flakes, so you’ll find yourself wanting to come up with all kinds of toppers for your next party or get-together. If you would prefer to enjoy these like a chip, though, feel free to serve alongside one of your best dip recipes. Also, be sure to use authentic parmesan rather than the dehydrated blends at your grocery store; the flavour will put these crackers over the top making them extra special.

This spiced cracker recipe idea is so unique, and yet so simple that it’s a wonder more cracker recipes like this don’t exist. Yes, you can purchase seasoned crackers at your local grocery store, but there is something special about being able to say that you made crackers by yourself, and chances are they will taste better too. Thank you to Lindsay, the author of ‘A Southern Girl’ lifestyle blog, for providing us with her easy fire crackers recipe.**

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