The Best Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing - Better Than Store Bought

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This Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing tastes better than anything you will find in the store and only takes a few minutes to make. This salad dressing recipe has plenty of garlic, dill, and other spices that make this ranch dressing recipe one of the best that you will try. The consistency of this salad dressing recipe is thin enough to pour smoothly, without becoming too liquidy or watered down. The creaminess of the salad dressing recipe is well balanced by the tang of the fresh lemon. This salad dressing recipe is sure to have a new place in your refrigerator, and you'll also want to use it as a dip for vegetables too. Once you make this salad dressing recipe you won't go back to store-bought, it's perfectly tangy, creamy and tastes better than anything you could buy in a store. The ingredients you'll need for this homemade salad dressing recipe include mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk or regular milk, dried dill weed, dried parsley, dried chives, onion powder, garlic powder, fine sea salt, finely cracked pepper, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The addition of the lemon juice is this homemade salad dressing recipe gives the recipe the right amount of tang. Lemon juice with its bright, fresh scent and pale color, can often be added to meals, juices and even to plain water to add a bit of zest and liveliness. And while lemon juice has a range of health benefits, it may also be associated with some mild side effects that may cause you to limit your consumption of this natural ingredient. Mixing lemon juice in with other foods or with liquids helps to tone down the sharp and sour taste and reduce the impact of the high acid content that lemon juice has on your digestive system. The benefits of lemon juice is that it's rich in Vitamin C. With a one-ounce serving of raw lemon juice having almost 12 milligrams of vitamin C. This is 13 percent of the daily recommended intake for adult men, and almost 16 percent of the daily recommended for adult women. Vitamin C also gives a boost to your immune system while helping produce collagen, which is something that is needed to keep your skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels healthy.

Drinking lemon juice can offer several benefits to your health, which is why many traditional systems of medicine recommend regularly drinking lemon juice on a daily basis. Lemons contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and other natural compounds that may help to boost your immune system and may even fight cancer. These benefits may aid in digestion and mineral absorption, along with giving you more energy and protecting your kidneys and urinary health. Drink freshly squeezed lemon juice that is diluted in water, on a regular basis may help you to reap the most benefits. Consuming lemon juice on a regular basis is good for your body's defense system. With a one medium sized lemon containing 40 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C, which is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants counteract the free-radical damage that can occur during food digestion and with exposure to radiation and smoke. Protecting yourself from free radicals by drinking lemon juice on a regular basis can help slow down the aging process and might also aid in the protection against chronic diseases. Eating more vitamin C when you have a cold might also shorten the cold or lessen the severity of your cold symptoms.

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Nutrition Facts for: The Best Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing from Barefeet In The Kitchen
Ingredients: Mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk, dill weed, parsley, chives, onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt, cracked pepper, fresh lemon juice.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 20 servings.(Recipes makes 1 1/2 cups dressing-serving based on 1/8 cup dressing per serving.)* Per Serving: Calories 38, Calories from Fat 29, Total Fat 3.2g 5%, Saturated Fat 1.1g 5%, Cholesterol 4mg 1%, Sodium 75mg 3%, Potassium 22mg 1%, Carbohydrates 2.1g 1%, Dietary Fiber 0.0g 0%, Sugars 0.7g, Protein 0.5g, Vitamin A 1%, Vitamin C 1%, Calcium 2%, Iron 0%

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