The best homemade upholstery cleaner

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Sometimes it can be hard to keep clean furniture in the home. Especially if you have little ones or pets. But thankfully there are great bloggers like Julie from Frugally Blonde. Julie shares tons of awesome cleaning tips and tricks with us that will make our lives so much easier than before. Cleaning furniture is one of the diy tutorials she shares on her blog, and she shows us the best way to clean upholstery with a homemade cleaner. So you'll learn how to clean furniture the easy way, plus you'll learn how to make your own natural cleaner. If you're like Julie and love neutral and light coloured fabrics in your home, you know how easily they can stain. Well, Julie even allows her two big dogs up on her light coloured sofa, and she doesn't even worry about it because of this great homemade cleaner she created that takes care of any stain on her upholstery. That shows just how well this cleaning solution works which is why you should try it out on your own upholstery. Julie recommends testing out the cleaner on a small area of your fabric before using it on the entire piece just to see how it reacts with the fabric. Because every fabric is different, allow the cleaner to sit on the fabric for a day or two just to see if anything weird happens.

If you're clear to use the cleaner on your fabric, then you can spray it all over without worry. To make this awesome cleaner, just mix a half of a cup dish soap and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and label with "Fabric Cleaner" or "Upholstery Cleaner" so you don't forget what it is. Of course, there are tons of different upholstery cleaners out there, but most of them contain toxic chemicals that are not good for you or the environment, so going natural whenever possible is the best bet. Once you have your upholstery cleaner, just spray a good amount of it all over the stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then take a microfibre cloth and start to scrub at the stain very gently. If you feel like there's too much soap on the spot, just wet your cloth with water and blot the area to draw the soap out of the fabric. The stains should lift fairly easily with just one application, but if they don't, you can try again.

If you have microfiber furniture in your home, you may want to try a different approach altogether. Microfiber furniture is a bit different to clean and can end up looking worse than it did before you cleaned it if it's not cleaned properly. Many microfiber pieces will not tolerate water well, so check the label to find out what types of cleaners will work best on your microfiber and always do a test spot in an inconspicuous place before applying all over. One of the best cleaners for microfiber material is alcohol. Just put some plain rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the stains until they are lightly saturated. Then take a clean cloth and dab the area until the stain lifts. Then, make sure the spot is dried completely before you sit on the furniture. You can always repeat the steps if needed, and if your microfiber becomes stiff after the cleaning trick, then you can use a soft brush to brush the fibres back in place. Try out the best way to clean upholstery and see how it works on the furniture in your home.***

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