The best inexpensive non toxic diy deck cleaner

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Our decks can get pretty dirty over the years. They're out, exposed to the elements all year long including rain, sun, wind and in some cases snow. In some places the moisture levels can be so high that you can even start growing mould or algae on your deck like Wanda from the blog called From House to Home did. She was tired of seeing the green slime all over her deck and she had tried many different store bought chemical deck cleaners but they proved to be unsafe for her kids, pets and the plants in her garden. So she chose to try something less toxic. Instead of using the harmful cleaning products, she made her own with some Oxi Clean which is oxygen bleach that uses oxygen ions to break down dirt and stains. It works really well on carpet, upholstery and clothing as well, so it's something you'll always get good use out of. The best thing is that it's non toxic and won't harm your garden or family. All you need for this cleaning tip is some Oxi Clean which you can find in the cleaning isle at the store, a deck cleaning brush with a long handle, like a broom, a hose, a big bucket and a hose nozzle with good pressure.

You might think using a pressure washer is a good idea, but the pressure can cause the wood to become roughed up which will actually cause it to attract more dirt and debris. So just use the jet stream setting on a normal hose nozzle and you should be just fine. Take a half of a cup of the oxygen bleach and dissolve that into the bucket with 2 gallons of warm water. Then, take your hose and get the deck wet with water open up the pores of the wood. Then, working on one area of the deck at a time, pour some of the oxygen bleach solution on one area of the deck and start scrubbing with the deck brush using some good, solid pressure to scrub all of the dirt off. Then, once you've covered the entire deck in the cleaning solution let it sit for some time, at least 10 minutes or more. Then, you will take the hose and start washing the deck again with the jet stream. This time, the dirt and grime will come right off really easily and you'll finally be able to see your deck again.

If you have any trouble areas, you can repeat the process as many times as needed to get rid of the dirt completely but once or twice should be enough. You can repeat this process each spring or summer when your deck will be used more often to keep the dirt at bay. You can also try this diy idea on your drive way or sidewalk in front of your house and see if it helps to remove any of the stains on it. It may even be able to lift oil stains that haven't been there too long. You should also make sure to refinish and seal your wood on the deck at least once every few years to keep it in good condition. This can help slow down the aging process of the wood and keep it looking nice and new. From House to Home features many other great diy ideas as well as cleaning tips that you can put to good use all over your home and yard. Wanda also shares some great recipes and even some organization tips that you can try out as well.***

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