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A good mattress is a necessity for a good night's sleep. But just like everything else in your home, your mattress needs to be cleaned often. Check out this great tutorial on The Best Method to Clean your Mattress. Did you know that over half of our life is spent sleeping and resting on our beds? That makes having a good mattress so important. Having a good, supportive mattress will mean less back and neck issues and even increased energy throughout the day. Sleeping on a poor mattress can really have bad effects on your body. When your mattress has areas of unevenness, it can cause your sleeping posture to be really misaligned resulting in sore and achey muscles throughout the day as well. So first of all, making sure your mattress works for you is worth taking the time and spending the extra money. A mattress can be a big investment to make, sometimes costing over $1000 to purchase brand new. But when it comes to your personal health, you should be investing the top quality. And when you think about how much you use your mattress it is a no brainer to choose one that you love to sleep on and that helps you be healthy and vital.

Since a mattress is such a big investment, we like to keep them for a while. Mattresses are usually good for ten to fifteen years, maybe more depending on how much they are used. You can also lengthen the life of your mattress by flipping it once a month as long as it isn't a pillow top mattress. Another thing that can prolong the life of your mattress is having a mattress cover. Not just a cheap plastic one either. You want a nice, micro fibre mattress cover that will keep your mattress clean from mites and moisture. Moisture is one of the things that can cause a mattress to get mold and mildew over time which is why it is so important to have a cover in the first place. Mites can also be a problem after a while since they produce dust which causes allergens. Cleaning your mattress regularly is also a great way to keep it longer, so it is great to learn how to deep clean a mattress.

The best way to clean a mattress is pretty simple actually. You can use a special mattress cleaner if you like. There are powder ones and spray mattress cleaner that helps to get out stains and smells. But you can also make your own natural mattress cleaner too. Simple baking soda is all you need to use when cleaning your mattress. You may even have some baking soda in your cupboard already. Adding some essential oil to your baking soda will also help to get smells out of the mattress and make it nice and fresh again. The best way to clean a mattress is revealed in this great post from Mali Nino on how to deep clean a mattress.

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