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Try this Moms Famous Cream Puffs recipe and see how quick and easy cream puffs really are to make. Sometimes we put off trying out new recipes such as this cream puffs recipe because we think they will be too difficult. But if you have some experience in the kitchen, especially with making different kinds of breads then this recipe will be easy to master. And this cream puffs recipe is slightly simplified from the classic, so it will be even easier to make and have great results too. So try this Moms Famous Cream Puffs recipe and see just how great cream puffs that are made from scratch can truly be. You will be asked to make them again and again.

This cream puffs recipe is quick and easy and delicious. Do not be afraid to try this rather different sweet bread. It is fabulous. The flavor is light and airy and somewhat eggy with a sweet edge. It is a curious way to make a dough, and you might wonder how someone ever thought to make it. In this cream puffs recipe, to make the profiterole dough, the butter and water are brought to a boil, and then the flour is added and the whole thing is cooked for a few minutes. Then the mixture is removed from the heat and the eggs are beaten in. the complexity really lies in how many eggs you can add while retaining enough stiffness in the dough that it just does not turn to liquid and flow everywhere. The dough should remain somewhat stiff. This recipe tells you how many eggs to add so that makes this step very easy.

The filling is entirely decadent in this cream puffs recipe. The blend of whipped cream and pudding will give enough weight to the filling that it will really add great texture and flavor to this sweet treat. This is a fabulous and fanciful dessert to make. Everyone loves a cream puff, and very few people ever make them from scratch. The recipe is not difficult. Each part is simple and straightforward, and this site, Hugs & Cookies XOXO, offers great instructions and clear and easy to follow instructions on how to make both the dough and the filling. The photos are also great, and will certainly encourage you in the process. So try and make these for the family or even wait for a special occasion. Be sure to make them fresh. They are best when they are made and filled and not put in the fridge to sit. Get the kids to help spoon the filling in to the shell; be sure they do not eat it when they do!

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