The Best Old Fashioned Goulash

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If you've never tried a goulash recipe before, you will love this easy goulash recipe. Full of hearty ingredients from ground beef or turkey, beef broth, shredded cheese and pasta it is sure to hit the spot on days where you need something a little warm. The best part about this easy beef goulash recipe is that it uses simple ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen, and it's so easy to make that it's sure to be one of your new go-to recipe ideas. You'll love the step by step photo recipe instructions that detail all the steps to make this goulash recipe easy.

When it comes to selecting the ground beef or turkey for your easy goulash recipe, you will be faced with more than one option in the grocery store. You will have to decide whether you will use conventional ground beef or go for something organic or free range. When you see meat that is labeled as organic, this refers to the ecological method of how the meat was produced agriculturally. Organic farming practices focus on helping to enhance the vitality of the soil, promoting animal welfare, preserving biodiversity, and preserving the ecological integrity of the environment. Organic farming practices mean that there are no synthetic fertilizers used, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms that are permitted in the organic product. The organic food along with the livestock feed fed to the animals are regulated and must meet all requirements to label themselves as organic products. When meat or food ingredients are certified as organic, this is the consumers guarantee that all of the food products meet all of the requirements as set out by both the American and the Canadian certification bodies, and the food products can be traced back and inspected to confirm that this is true.

Free range food products and meats products are unregulated food labels, and this term means that the animals are uncaged, usually with access to the outdoors. The amount of time the animals are allowed outside can vary widely. Free run is also a term used for cageless housing, but it does not necessarily mean that the animals are housed outside. Grain fed is a term that means the animals are fed grain which is the conventional standard in animal production and allows the animals to gain weight faster than if they were grass fed. Grass fed meat products is a term that refers to the livestock that has been raised on pasture and not is not confined to a feedlot or grain fed system. Grass fed meat and animals, take longer to mature, and the meat is typically more favorable. By choosing organic and free range meat products, you are helping to ensure that the animals lead happier more healthy lives.

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Nutrition Facts for: Old Fashioned Goulash From My Incredible Recipes
Ingredients: Ground beef or turkey, minced garlic, yellow onion, water, beef broth, olive oil, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, Italian seasoning, adobo seasoning, bay leaves, black pepper, elbow macaroni, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 616, Calories from Fat 238, Total Fat 26.4g 41%, Saturated Fat 8.0g 40%, Cholesterol 149mg 50%, Sodium 1823mg 76%, Potassium 1556mg 44%, Carbohydrates 38.1g 13%, Dietary, Fiber 5.5g 22%, Sugars 11.9g, Protein 57.2g, Vitamin A 36%, Vitamin C 53%, Calcium 13%, Iron 176%

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