The Best ONE Pan Meal

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Like most people, there are probably nights when you just can't decide what to make for dinner. We all have those days, when you've had a long day, and you know you have to make something for dinner, you're just not sure what you feel like. There's always the option of take-out, but sometimes that can be unhealthy. So to keep things healthy for you and your family, you can try out some easy dinner ideas like this one from Averie Cooks. Averie has a family of her own too, so she knows what it's like to be busy, which is why she creates and shares these easy dinner ideas with us. Most of the recipes on her website make for simple planning and easy cooking, and she features not only dinner recipes with us, but also breakfast, dessert and snack recipes you'll enjoy making and eating. This is one of the easy dinner ideas that's not only yummy but healthy too. Plus, you can have it ready in under an hour which you have to love.

The recipe uses Butterball turkey sausages which are a nice alternative to pork sausages, but they taste just as great. You could also try and find some locally made sausage made with organic pasture raised turkey meat. Then, you'll also use some fall-inspired vegetables like brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, zucchini and broccoli. The vegetables are roasted which gives them a nice flavour, plus all of the herbs they are seasoned with like onion flakes, parsley, oregano, and rosemary. The sausage is also smoked with hardwood which also gives the veggies a nice flavour. Cutting your vegetables into smaller pieces will help them cook all the way through which will allow everything to be ready at the same time. So cut your sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts into smaller pieces than usual.

The sausage is pre-cooked, so all you have to do is slice it up into bite-sized pieces and throw it in with the other ingredients. Then, all you have to do is cover a baking sheet pan with tin foil which will make cleaning up afterwards much easier. Drizzle everything with olive oil once it's on the pan. You can also use coconut oil for a healthy option. Coconut oil has a high heat tolerance which means that it doesn't give off toxins when it gets too hot. Plus it has plenty of health benefits too like healthy fats that are good for our brains. Then, sprinkle the onion flakes, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and pepper, and use your hands to mix in the seasonings and oil with the vegetables and meat. Lay out the veggies evenly on the pan, making sure that they're not too overcrowded and piling up. Though it's okay if they are a little bit close together because they will shrink as they cook. Bake for 45 to 60 minutes at 400F. You want them to be tender. Set a timer for halfway, so about 20 minutes or 30 minutes and flip them over, so they cook evenly. Right when it comes out of the oven, and you have the desired tenderness, you can serve them up and shred some fresh parmesan cheese over top. The cheese really adds a whole other layer of flavour, but you can leave it out if you want. Or, you could use hard goat cheese instead if you want. The entire family will be sure to love this meal, and so will you. Maybe you'll even have some leftovers to have for lunch the next day. But this recipe is so yummy it might all be gone in one go.***

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