The Best Potato Soup

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This potatoes recipe is a thick and creamy, and a hearty soup recipe that you will be sure to love. The soup base for this potatoes recipe is made with chicken broth which is thickened with a simple roux made of flour, butter and cream. If you don’t have cream, you could also substitute some half and half in the potatoes recipe. This easy dinner idea has plenty of vegetables to include onions, carrots, celery, garlic, potatoes and kale, so it's a healthy family-friendly meal idea any night of the week. This is a nice easy dinner idea when you need a bit of warming up. For the full step by step potatoes recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Bunny's Warm Oven site.

This easy dinner idea calls for eight potatoes. When it comes to potatoes recipes you will have a variety of potatoes to choose from, you might have a favorite potato that you like to use, but what you might not know is that different potatoes work best depending on the potatoes recipe you are making. The following are some of the potatoes you can choose from. Waxy potatoes. Waxy potatoes work for potatoes recipes like potato salad. The most popular types of waxy potatoes are new potatoes or fingerling potatoes. The flesh of waxy potatoes holds its shape better than other varieties of potatoes when they are cooked, so the chunks of potato won't fall apart into your salad. Starchy potatoes. Starchy potatoes to include Idaho potatoes are good for potatoes recipes such as baked potatoes, french fries and mashed potatoes. Starchy potatoes have a high starch content and make for fluffy, airy mashed potatoes recipes and creamy baked potatoes that go well with lots of butter and sour cream.

All-purpose potatoes. All-purpose potatoes include Yukon Gold potatoes which have a slightly mealy texture. All-purpose potatoes make for excellent baking potatoes, and are great in mashed potatoes recipes. Generally, all-purpose potatoes are good for all-around potatoes recipe. Yukon Golds are considered to be waxy by some and aren’t the best potatoes for gratins or potatoes recipes that call for shredded potatoes; they are still the best potatoes for all-purpose potatoes recipes. White potatoes. White potatoes, to include Superior, and Kennebec potatoes are smooth potatoes with buff-white skin and flesh and are good for potatoes recipes that include baking, roasting and broiling. Superior potatoes are a good potato for chip potatoes recipes and most other methods. Red potatoes. Red potatoes to include potatoes such as the Norland, Redsen and Chieftain Potatoes. This potato variety is good for potatoes recipes such as boiling, baking, mashing and salad recipes. Norland potatoes have a creamy flesh and are good for a variety of potatoes recipes. Chieftain potatoes are good for boiling and baking but are not ideal for chip recipes. Blue or purple potatoes. Blue or purple potatoes can be found in many grocery stores and are a great alternative to your usual potatoes of choice. Vitelotte potatoes are a potato variety that is long, thin, and finger-shaped that have a blue or dark grey flesh, a firm waxy texture and a mild nutty taste. With so many potato varieties available you will want to try a new one every now and again for your different potatoes recipes. It is best to store your potatoes in a place that is cool, dark and dry, to help prevent any sprouting and mold.

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