The Best Red Velvet Cake

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In a field of fabulous recipes, it would be fun to make all the ones you have and compare them to this claim for The Best Red Velvet Cake. Wouldn’t your family just love it? You could call all your friends and together arrange a day when you would either get together and serially bake a number of different Red Velvet Cake recipes, including this one, or each of you could work your magic individually, at home. Then you could bring your creations together, under one roof, and all the families and friends, too, and compare and decide which cake is the absolute best. My guess? Ties across the board!

Red Velvet Cake gets its name from the red color that becomes prominent in this cake as the vinegar and buttermilk used in the recipe cause the red in the cocoa or whatever chocolate is used to become more pronounced. As bakers realized this phenomenon, they started to enhance the red, first with vegetables such as beets, more cocoa, and then with food coloring. Today, you can get a really red, Red Velvet Cake, if you want to. But think what ingredient is making it that color if you do!

This cake is fabulous, breaking away from the very traditional Red Velvet Cake to add a spectacular twist to this recipe. For very special occasions, this cake cannot be beaten, and this variation is fantastic. It is time consuming to make so be sure to look at the recipe and read it over so you have the steps organized in your mind before you begin. Take your time, and this cake will be as fabulous as the photos on the website make it look. Enjoy this particular variation (but remember the others are great, too!). Try this recipe soon.

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