The Best Sweet Potato Pecan Coconut Cake

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This recipe provides a cake base that is rich and dense with loads of texture quite similar to carrot cake, and a frosting that includes bourbon in the true spirit of a deep southern dessert. This Sweet Potato Pecan Coconut Cake will satisfy the taste buds of every one who eats it. The sweet bite of coconut, tender pecans, and the light flavor of sweet potatoes will make a fantastic dessert. The cake is then smothered in a frosting of real cream, more coconut and just a splash of bourbon. Yum.

This cake is not difficult to make and provides plenty of texture because of the various ingredients. In some ways, it has the richness of a holiday cake due to the various ingredients and so it does not require a lot of sugar to make this a delicious treat to eat. Cakes that include so many textures—coconut, pecans and even the sweet potato—are also enjoyable to eat because they provide such a diversity of sensation for your taste buds. If all this sounds crazy, make the cake, and see what happens with that first bite. You will slow right down to really taste the complementary flavors that are included here, and thoroughly enjoy just the hint of bourbon in the frosting.

This is a surprisingly easy cake to make. Its greatest challenge is being sure it is properly cooked without over cooking it and allowing it to dry out. Let the kids help with measuring out the coconut, the nuts and other additions to this cake. They will enjoy sneaking little bites of this and that, and you will enjoy their help as you prepare this for dinner tonight. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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