The Best Vegan Jello Recipe

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If you love dessert recipes like Jello, panna cotta, mousse, and jelly recipes, you might stay away from them if you are trying to follow a vegan diet or vegetarian diet. That is because these dessert recipes use gelatin which is derived from animal products, the good news is that you can also make these same dessert recipes if you are on a vegan diet, with easy vegan recipes and Jello alternatives that are good for your health. Many people take some sort of gelatin as a daily supplement in one form or another, for a list of healthy benefits that are sure to surprise you. When you think of gelatin, you most likely think of Jello dessert recipes and ice cream recipes. But did you know that gelatin is also good for your health? While gelatin is not vegan diet friendly, you can get good sources of gelatin that come from grass-fed animals and easy vegan recipes and vegan snacks. Some of the healthy benefits of gelatin in your diet are that it supports skin, nail and hair growth. Gelatin is also good for the joints and may help speed up joint recovery. Gelatin is a great source of dietary collagen, which is interesting as it is too large to be absorbed by the skin, so using skin creams that contain collagen do not make a whole lot of sense. When it comes to choosing good powdered gelatin you want to make sure you get it from a good source, preferably grass-fed source. You don’t want to be supporting the unethical practices of practices such as factory farming if you don't have to, and you also don't want to be eating something that uses hormones or drugs. A good source of gelatin that is grass fed comes from Great Lakes Gelatin, along with Bernard Jensen. You will want to take a look at the Kitchn site to see the easy vegan recipes for a vegan diet for making Jello recipes and vegan snacks.

Agar is one of the gelatin substitutes you can use when on a vegan diet and want to make easy vegan recipes and vegan snacks. Agar, also known as agar-agar is a jelly-like substance that is obtained from using algae. Agar is an ingredient that was discovered in the late 1650s or early 1660s by Mino Tarozaemon in Japan, where the ingredient was called kanten. Agar-agar is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart that is suitable for a vegan diet. Agar is white and semi-translucent, and it is sold in packages as washed and dried strips or in powdered form. Agar can be used to make jelly recipes for a vegan diet, pudding recipes, and custard recipes as an alternative to using animal-based gelatin. Agar is a good alternative for people who are following a vegan diet or vegetarian diet.

Some of the Jello alternatives that are good for your health and taste good too include easy vegan recipes such as homemade marshmallows dessert recipe. Everyone loves marshmallows, but the commercial variety of marshmallows doesn't offer a lot in the way of health benefits. But if you make homemade marshmallows dessert recipes using agar you can enjoy the healthy benefits and this easy vegan recipe. You can even add probiotics to homemade marshmallows to make them more healthy. Homemade marshmallows use ingredients such as honey, agar-agar, vanilla, and water, and are a great alternative to store-bought treats.

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