The best way to clean and repair gutters

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Cleaning the inside of your home is a given, you want to keep the space you live in nice and clean of course. But what about the outside of your home? If you're a home owner there are a few things that you have to remember to clean, most of them need to be done regularly too. Yearly exterior cleaning duties could include pressure washing your vinyl siding, washing the outside of your windows and of course, cleaning your gutters out. So how do you do clean your gutters if you've never done it before? HGTV has some cleaning tips and simple life hacks that will make it easier for us to clean out our gutters. Cleaning them out regularly is so important because if they are clogged up with leaves and twigs, the water that collects in them won't be able to pass through effortlessly like it's supposed to. If the water gets dammed up, there could be a chance of a leak that could result in icy sidewalks in the colder months and even flooding inside of your home. So grab your ladder and get up on your roof to give those gutters a good cleaning.

First, set up your ladder and climb it so you can reach your gutters, or you can get right on the roof if you want to.

Then, you'll start cleaning out of the gutters especially the downspout. If the downspout is clogged, water won't drain properly which can mean that you'll have sagging gutters in time. Take out those leaves and throw them into a bucket, then you can put them in the garbage, or even better, into your compost pile. You will also want to check the spikes that go through the gutter. These are the things that attach the gutter to the fascia board. If there are spikes missing, you'll want to replace them so your gutters stay on your house. Checking for any leaks in the gutters is also very important too. You can replace old caulking by scraping it off and then drying it and adding new silicon on the gutters. Once you've checked that all of the parts and pieces of the gutters look like they're in good shape, you can then start really cleaning them out. From the cleaning tips on HGTV, the best way to do this is with a pressure washer. Pressure wash the gutters to get any mud and debris out of them. Just be sure that you're using the hose at the proper angle and be careful not to blast the shingles too hard or they might come off. If you don't own your own pressure washer, you can actually rent one out for a day or a weekend to get all of your outdoor cleaning done.

If you ever notice that the gutters on your home are beginning to rust, you can either replace them or paint them and reuse the old ones. If the rust has completely eaten through the metal, you will have to replace them. When you're repainting them if they don't have holes in them, you can sand them down and repaint them with a rust-proof paint. The best time to clean out your gutters is in the spring or in the fall before or after wintertime. If you don't want to clean them out yourself, you can always hire professional gutter cleaners to come out and clean them for you. Try out these simple life hacks and cleaning tips so your gutters are flowing smoothly and to keep your home looking great. Check out some of the other cleaning tips and hacks over on HGTV.***

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