The Best way to clean this NASTY rusted bathtub

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A rusty bathtub can seem impossible to get completely clean again. Especially if it's been like that for a long time. It may seem like the only solution at this point is to get an entirely new bathtub which can be expensive which is why you may put it off. Rust is caused by the oxidation process of metal or metal products. So on a bathtub, it can either be the metal on the bathtub corroding, or rust in the water caused by the corrosion and rust in the pipes. Most often, it's the latter. So after a number of baths, the rust stains can build up around the edges of the bathtub like you see on Tasha's tub. Tasha had had these rust stains on her bathtub for 4 or 5 years and she had tried so many things on the rust until, thankfully, one of them worked. She tried CLR, and even used the entire bottle or more, and still, the rust wouldn't budge. Then, she heard from her step-sister that vinegar and Dawn dish soap worked on rust stains. These two natural cleaners actually did the trick for Tasha's bathtub, but there was still a little bit of rust behind. So she took a magic eraser to it, and it actually came right off.

This worked so well for Tasha that she decided to share the cleaning tips with us so we can try them out. She advises us to wear gloves while cleaning, even though these are natural cleaners and won't cause health issues, they are quite powerful, so exposing your skin to them will, of course, result in pretty chapped hands. So first of all, just squirt the Dawn dish soap all over the tub, and make sure it's Dawn dish soap. Then let it sit for a 3 or 4 hours or longer. Then take your white vinegar and pour it all over the tub too and scrub with a scrubbing sponge. Then, take some vinegar in a spray bottle and let that soak and scrub again. Once you're all done scrubbing, use a magic eraser to get any remaining stains. It's pretty amazing how vinegar and dish soap work so well together to banish rust stains. You can also try this combination to clean your kitchen sink, which may also be rusted. That way you don't have to replace anything.

If you're also dealing with hard water stains, vinegar will work wonders on getting rid of those as well. Just take some plain vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the hard water stains and let it work on the stains for an hour or longer. Then, use the vinegar on the area again and take some baking soda and water with a scrubbing pad to scrub the stains off. Better yet, you can use cloths or paper towels soaked in vinegar on your faucets to ensure the vinegar sits on the hard water stains to break them down. The acids in the vinegar are great at breaking down the minerals in the hard water and the pigments in the rust making it one of the best natural cleaners for all kinds of cleaning jobs around the house. Citric acid is another natural cleaner you can use on rust stains and hard water stains that really eats away at the stains. These natural cleaners are also great for getting your toilet sparkling clean again too. So always keep a big bottle of white vinegar around the house for various cleaning tips and tricks. Try out these cleaning tips and see how well they work in your home.***

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