The Best Ways to Clean your Pyrex

Photo Credit: Dans Le Lakehouse

Introducing The Best Ways to Clean your Pyrex. If you have a love of pyrex, you are not alone, it seems that vintage pyrex dishes have found a niche market these days. People have been purchasing the used vintage pieces and adding them to their own collections, or selling them online to other pyrex dish collectors. Pyrex is a well known name in the household baking world. Pyrex was a brand that was created by Corning Inc in the early 1900s. The type of glass that was used for pyrex products was called Borosilicate glass, which was invented by a glass technologist named Otto Schott in 1893. But as the years went on, Pyrex products in North America are now made with a soda lime glass. You may even have a Pyrex measuring cup in your kitchen at home. These products are able to withstand quite a lot of heat and they don't break very easily either which is great when they get a lot of use creating recipes. The other products that Pyrex introduced were their casserole dishes and mixing or serving bowls, which are the items that are so popular now since they don't really make them like they used to.

In the 1940s, the casserole dishes and mixing bowls began being made in beautiful colours with a simple and unique pattern on them. Usually the patten was very feminine, like some flowers or even some snow flakes and the colours were usually green, blue, orange, red or brown and the patterns and colours changed as styles changed over the years. The first Pyrex dishes were made in primary colours. Then, in the 1950s, the colours became more vibrant with flamingo and green, pink and turquoise. In the 1960s there was even a rainbow Pyrex dish set. The 70s brought more earth toned coloured Pyrex dishes, the oranges, browns and golden colours and the 80s had the very memorable autumn harvest design or the Shenandoah design. Of course, there are also Pyrex mixing bowls with no design on them, and just a plain colour.

Tanya from Dans Le Lakehouse, an awesome blog online, shares some cleaning tips on how to clean these classic dishes to restore them to looking brand new, or as close to brand new as possible. She has even sold some of the Pyrex dishes that she has purchased from thrift stores and garage sales, and even some she has found in the dump. She sells them on Etsy where so many people flock to buy the memorable pieces of our history. But as you can imagine, some of the pieces are pretty banged up and scuffed up, so they need a little extra care before they look good again.

The cleaning tips and tricks she shares are so brilliant and you will be so excited to try it out on your own Pyrex dishes. Some of the methods use natural cleaners, while some of the cleaning tips use some chemical cleaners. But with her cleaning tips and tricks and some elbow grease, you will be amazed with the results.***

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