The Cabin Kit with Porch Is $7,799.00

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The cabin kit with a porch is priced at only $7,799 from Green Garden Chicken, a company distributing prefab log cabins, sheds, chicken coops and more. If you have a really large property or just some space that you're not currently using, these small log cabin designs would be perfect to implement into your backyard or acreage. Little houses like these make great studio spaces or office spaces for all your hobbies or a home business you might have. You can enjoy using the small space as a quite zone away from the rest of the house, or use it as a guest bedroom to house your visitors. There are so many uses for these little houses, once you have one built, you can constantly change the use of the space. This one from Green Garden Chicken is so cute because it has a nice little porch on the front of it which would be lovely with a little bistro set on it and some beautiful flowers. The cabin can even be customized if you call in to discuss options with the company and they will do whatever they can to have it suit your needs and preferences.

This cabin measures 12 feet by 16 feet with a 4 foot by twelve-foot porch, and the prefab kit is created by Amish craftsmen. All of the pieces to assemble the kit are included in the price you see here, but it doesn't include the finished interior. Through Green Garden Chicken you can also add on some solar power to take this little house off the grid. Maybe you want to use it as an off-grid cabin to go to when you want some peace and quiet, so off-grid, solar power set ups would be awesome for powering your cabin. Many people like having even a really small cabin like this one with a bed in it and maybe some small kitchen appliances, to use as more of a camp out cabin. Hunters will also use a cabin like this one for their expeditions in the bush, so they don't have to go home in between. If you like log cabin designs, Green Garden Chicken has more of them available to browse through. They have larger log cabin designs that would be more appropriate for full-time use or for recreational use, with a bedroom, a loft and a bathroom and kitchen. It's nice to have some of the comforts of home when you are away enjoying nature.

All of the logs that come in the prefab kits are labeled and cut to size, so they fit nicely together to create the exterior walls of the cabin. A small house like this one would be easily built by one or two people in a few days or a week and could be ready to use shortly after the components were delivered. Delivery is sometimes free, depending on where you live. Usually, if you live within a 500-mile radius, it will be free, but companies will charge after that.

This prefab kit comes with Cedar wood, which is one of the most desirable types of wood to use in construction. Most of the Cedar we use in North American comes from the West coast of Canada or the US and is usually red Cedar. Other types of wood used in log home construction are Fir, Spruce, and Pine woods, all of the soft woods are particularly useful for building because they can be molded and shaped very easily. The hardwoods are usually better for flooring or cabinetry. Enjoy having a peek at some of these excellent prefab log cabin designs.***

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