The CHEAPEST and BEST way to store your canning supplies !

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Need a place to store your canned goods, canning jars and and canning supplies ? With DIY projects on the rise, and Pinterest helping orchestrate a social upbringing of expert amateurs, this cultural trend for nouveau homemakers not only allows you to save a buck but to take pride in whatever it is you create, with the skills you probably didn’t even realize you had. It is pretty hard not to succeed at these projects when you have such simple detailed instructions to follow, just as the bloggers at Old World Garden Farms have provided. This project shows that buy using pallets, drywall screws and a few other items, you can build a canning pantry cupboard that holds up to 200 canning jars (pickling jars) and canned goods and your canning supplies. Using pallets to build furniture is the trendy new medium among DIYers, from coffee tables, benches, headboards and now a canning pantry cupboard.

For projects like this one to create space for your canning jars (pickling jars) and canning supplies - a lot of people find doing these projects themselves not only saves them money, affirm their confidence in successfully creating their own pieces, but also as the beliefs of this particularly creative husband and wife go, to recycle and reuse existing structures or products and create something beautiful. Whatever your reasons for wanting to do it yourself, go ahead and give it a try. The best part of these projects are there is often very little cost involved, and you can usually find most things laying around your house however pallets are obviously less common. If you are planning on building a canning pantry cupboard using pallets for your canning jars (pickling jars) and canning supplies and are stumped on where you can come across these beauties, here are some recommendations. Stay away from large corporations and think small businesses. These places are less likely to have a structured waste removal process in place and often will have some laying around after product shipment. Some other options would be small gardening or hardware stores, motorcycle shops or power equipment stores. Another often successful gold mine for pallets is anywhere a new store or strip mall might be opening up and having a mass quantity of product delivered.

When you hear the word build, the first thought is often what tools do I need, what if I don’t have the right ones, what if I don’t know how to use them? The good news, if you go to your local hardware store there are often areas where they rent tools out and explain how to use them. If you are still not comfortable using the recommended electric tools you can always use a hammer, nails, and hand saw. Who would have thought that you could build a canning pantry cupboard using pallets to house your canning jars and canning supplies? Take these simple step by step instructions, slap on some colorful paint, a beautiful stain, or add hand painted designs to personalize and make it your own.

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