The Controversial Question : Do you let people wear shoes IN the house or NOT!

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While some people are fine wearing their outdoor shoes inside their home, others are not at all for it. There are a few good reasons, and Elle Decor explores some of them on their website. So if you're interested in healthy living, this may be of some interest to you. Of course, the most obvious reason you may not want to wear your shoes in the house is that you spend a lot of time cleaning your home and your shoes just get your house dirty again. Even just a small amount of dust can be carried in on shoes when they are dry which could lead to more dust over time. It's a good idea to put mats outside and inside your door so that people can take off their outdoor shoes before they enter your home. It's also important to start cleaning your doormats regularly too. Vacuuming them on both sides is great because it will collect a lot of the dirt and dust. When you're cleaning them, you can shake or beat them outside with a broom, or you can vacuum them on both sides. Shoes worn outside don't just carry in dust and dirt either. They also carry in chemicals from lawn pesticides and tar from asphalt. So instead of having to clean your floors often to keep the level of toxins low, start leaving your shoes at the door. Besides having to clean your home more, your shoes could actually ruin your floors. High heels could actually create dents and scratches on your floors over time, or pull out your carpet fibres.

There have even been studies that are showing that shoes have been in contact with feces can host bacteria like E. coli which can be very bad for your health and wellbeing. If you live in a condo, an apartment or an upper-level suite, your shoes may also be bothering the tenant under you, which is another great reason to keep them off in your home. It's always in your best interest to be respectful of other tenants in the place you live, so everyone has a healthy living arrangement. If you need your feet covered at home because they get cold, consider getting a pair of slippers with no hard sole on the bottom of them. Plus, wearing your shoes in your home isn't good for your health and wellbeing either. The arch support is great when you're standing a lot, but your feet don't need this all the time. Walking barefoot is actually very good for you and should be a part of any healthy lifestyle.

You may even want to consider getting some good storage for your shoes too since they could cause a lot of clutter in your home which isn't great if you have a smaller space. So get some good shelving in your front closet to make it easy for you to take your shoes off at the door and leave them off inside the house. The other thing about leaving your shoes out is that they could get chewed up by your dog if you have one. So that's another good reason to put them away. To reduce the number of germs, you're bringing into your home you could also start cleaning your shoes regularly as well so that even if you're leaving them at the door, they won't track germs into your space. Check out the rest of the cleaning tips and healthy living tips from Elle Decor, and you may just find that you don't need to wear your outdoor shoes inside after all.***

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