The COOLEST Bench Ever

Photo Credit: Yakidee

Have you ever come across something so unexpected, so different, so delightful or even outrageous that you just could not believe your eyes? And did you immediately reach for your camera phone to pin it, post it, email it, and share it any way you could with all your family and friends so they could share your experience?

That is precisely what you will do when you see this eye-popping bench. It has got to be the coolest bench ever! And we mean that in every way possible, as you will surely agree when you see this photo. And we know it will bring a smile to your face. We dont know whether you will want to sit on the bench or try to eat it, but that is half the fun we think its maker had in mind when designing this delightful creation.

The bench is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind wonder that invites you to look closer and to reach out and touch its surface. Who could resist? Dont lick your fingers, though, or you will be in for a rude surprise! When you catch your first glimpse of this bench in person it will warm your heart and your kids will certainly run to it, fingers pointing and laughing at what they see. And it is a sure appetizer for ice cream sundaes, ice-cream cones or banana splits so be ready for the chorus of lets go and get some! that will follow this discovery.

Whether or not the ice cream parlor can serve up something quite as big as our artist has created might be challenging, but we expect that they can put together something that will satisfy the cravings of everyone in your family for something cold and sweet. Or, go out and buy the stuff to make the same thing at home and take your pictures and post them for all to see! Any way you do it, ice cream in any way brightens up every ones day.

The creator shows such humor and delight in this workmanship not to mention a love of ice cream that we just had to share it with you. But we do not know who built this wonderful bench. So if you are the creator of this bench we would love to give you credit and a link, please just email us.

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