The Cozy Alpine Chalet Log Cabin is 360 Square Feet of Heaven

Photo Credit: Northern Lights Yukon

This cozy Alpine Chalet log cabin is 360 square feet of heaven. If your idea of the perfect vacation consists of renting wood cabins in the wilderness, this is a destination to add to your list. In this log cabin located in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory of Canada, you'll be sure to have a front row seat to some of the most amazing auroras you'll ever see on the planet. The Alpine Chalet Lupine is one of the wood cabins you can rent from Northern Lights Yukon, which is a resort including a luxurious spa, saunas and beautiful local art displayed throughout the resort and wood cabins. Off-site activities are also plentiful and include Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing, Guided dog sled tours and guided nature hikes in the spring and summer time. The aurora borealis is best viewed from the months of September until April. They offer Aurora Packages that allow guest to take advantage of the peak aurora times and they even offer specific photo packages for those who would like to take photos of the auroras. The auroras can be viewed either from the large communal deck of the lodge or the private decks of the wood cabins.

The log cabin designs are truly special, and they are constructed out of beautiful Yukon-grown timber. You'll find these wood cabins to be quite charming and romantic, a nice, warm and cozy place to enjoy a vacation. During peak aurora season the wood cabins cost $250 per night for two people and $240 for one person. In the summertime, they are $185 for two people and $170 for one person per night. Breakfast is included, and dinner can be enjoyed for an extra $45 per person. Each of the log cabin designs is very similar to the Chalet Lupine, and there are four cabins in total to check out. These wood cabins offer the quintessential log cabin vacation, and they book up quite quickly too, often booking a year in advance. People love log cabin designs for vacationing and retreats, which is why they probably book up so fast. Many people purchase their very own wood cabins instead of renting them out, which can also create a lovely home away from home, a familiar place to return to every year. Log cabin building is very attractive for this reason, and there are plenty of log cabin builders in Canada alone, as well as in the United States.

Many people may choose to purchase an already built log cabin or home, but others may want to build their very own log house or cabin and employ log cabin building companies or purchase log home building kits to get the job done. Log cabin building can be quite a strenuous job if you have never constructed anything before, but log home building kits make the job much easier coming with all of the pieces and parts ready to be assembled. Other log cabin designs like this Alpine Chalet Lupin, are built locally, using all locally sourced building supplies and employing handcrafted log cabin building techniques. The craftsmen take great care in building these wood cabins using time-tested techniques that have been passed down throughout the ages. Long ago as the settlers began to inhabit the land in North America, Swedish settlers offered up assistance as log cabin building experts, sharing their building methods. Soon, many other European settlers began to create their very own log houses to live in for years to come. Enjoying a log house or log cabin is such an uplifting and relaxing experience whether you own or rent for a weekend.***

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