The cute tiny cabin is colorful and equipped with solar and many other great features

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For those who wish to live in a tiny house on wheels in Hawaii, there is now a tiny house building company called Habitats Hawaii. This tiny house design is their first model called the Paniola. The design has quality and detailed craftsmanship. They included custom cabinets made from Sapele wood as well as bamboo flooring, and granite-style countertops which gives the home a very luxurious and natural appearance. Habitats Hawaii is also focused on self-sustainable living so their homes are also equipped with solar photovoltaic energy, and they also include handcrafted water catchment tanks. The dimensions of this tiny house on wheels are 16 feet long by 9 feet wide and 14 feet high. Prices range from $55,000 to $65,000 depending on the finishes and fixtures. It's also fully insulated to protect it from the heat and cold weather. Inside, there are also appliances like the refrigerator, a two burner propane stove, and an on-demand water heater. The home also features a lot of windows to bring natural light into the home as well as beautiful views of the outside world.

The kitchen looks just like a regular kitchen space, and there is plenty of cabinet storage space too. The living room area functions as both a lounging area as well as a dining table when the table is put in place. There's even an office space as well. For sleeping, there is a loft above the kitchen with windows in it for light and ventilation. This tiny house on wheels is lived in full time in Waimea also known as Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii. But they do give tours of the tiny house by appointment. The company will work with their clients to bring them the tiny house of their dreams. You can also add arbours, gazebos and decks to complement your tiny house design and create more livable space to enjoy. The company is owned by two women, Barrie Rose and Johanna Tilbury and both women are into creating a sustainable community on all levels, Barrie is committed to creatively addressing change each step along her life's journey. They both loved smaller homes and had experience in the real estate, design and construction fields, so they combined efforts to begin building tiny houses on wheels for others.

If you're considering building a tiny house of your own, the first thing you'll want to start thinking about is your own tiny house design. That's why it's a great idea to look at other designs first and gather some ideas to show to your designers and contractors. Go on Pinterest and create a board of all things tiny house design and then, even visit a few tiny houses in person if you want to get a really good idea of what they are like inside. You could even stay at a tiny house rental if you wanted to as well. Or stay at a few different ones to see what kind of design suits you best. Some people prefer sleeping on the main floor of the home while others are fine sleeping in the loft space. By staying in a tiny house on wheels you'll experience what it's like to live in one, and if you'd like it. Most people move into tiny houses so that they can save money and so they don't have to work as much, so they have time to do the things that they enjoy. Other people just prefer living minimally and being sustainable, so they don't have as high of an impact on the Earth. Enjoy checking out this tiny house design and others from Habitats Hawaii.***

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