The Cutest Sheep In The World

Photo Credit: Off Grid Quest

I�m not sheepish when it comes to expressing my love for sheep. They are easily my favorite farmyard animal. I thought I knew it all when it came to cute sheep, but the Valais Blacknose Sheep is truly the cutest sheep in the world.

This cute, fluffy little animal reminds me so much of the puppet Lambchop from the North American PBS channel in the 90s that it hurts (in a good way) to look at. The Valais Blacknose is a Swiss breed that takes its name from the Valais region of Switzerland. It has an adorable white head and its face is adorned with big tufts of black wool that make it look like it is wearing a silly little black mask. Sheep, in general, have been given a bad rap when it comes to intelligence and learning ability because of the absurd noises they make (usually all day long) when communicating to each other, their extreme herd mentality and proclivity to flee at the slightest hint of danger. Sheep have actually been determined to be just as smart as cows, which anyone who knows their cows is quite intelligent as far as large, ruminant animals go, and just below pigs, which are actually considered quite clever.

The Valais looks almost cartoonish in its cuteness, with its exaggerated tufts of black wool covering its face, hooves and knee joints, it looks like something from a Pixar movie. Both the ewes (that�s female sheep) and the rams (the manly men) have horns, which is relatively uncommon among sheep breeds, and I think, with a little bit of public awareness, these little guys might just start getting the recognition as ambassadors of all things cute that they deserve.

For more pictures and videos of these funny, loveable, wacky looking sheep, follow the link at the bottom of the article to the Off the Grid Quest website.

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