The easiest way to clean cooking grease without chemicals

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Cleaning a kitchen from top to bottom can be a feat, especially when grease and grime become built up on the insides of ovens, caked onto the interior of microwaves or baked onto stovetops. Rather than resorting to chemical cleaning products, which are widely available in stores, there are options for cleaning challenging surfaces with non toxic cleaners, specifically microfiber cloths. Anna, the author of Ask Anna lifestyle blog, was first introduced to a specific brand of microfiber cloths, called EnviroCloth, which can cut through tough built-on grease where no other kitchen cleaner will work. You won’t require any other cleaning products besides the EnviroCloth because it is antibacterial and will pick up everything from the surface. For those into green cleaning products, EnviroCloths are washable and reusable too, making them a must-have product for the home.

Although EnviroCloth is a type of microfiber cloth, there are other companies that make them, and they are becoming even more widespread because of their popularity. A microfiber cloth can pick up near ninety-nine percent of bacteria on any surface, as well as lift grime without the help of any other kitchen cleaning products. These cloths are among the best natural kitchen cleaners because they will prevent you from having to use paper towels for wiping down counters, which are wasteful and harmful to the environment. EnviroCloths will also allow you to clean your home safely without resorting to harmful chemical based cleaning products. Moreover, they are highly effective, being thick in texture and very absorbent. Once you use microfiber cloths, you will want to use them for cleaning all surfaces in your home.

Anna was first introduced to microfiber cleaning cloths when she needed to find a way to clean her overly grimy stove and oven. Upon using these cloths, Anna found that they were able to pick up the dirt without extensive scrubbing, despite the fact that all the products she had used up to that point had not worked. If you are looking for ways of cleaning your oven, a microfiber cloth may make the process easier and less toxic than if you used a store-bought oven cleaning product.

Additionally, you can use these cloths as a primary countertop cleaner, since they will sanitise the counters sufficiently without the use of additional cleaners. Anna even used these handy cleaning cloths to remove built-on black grease from her friend’s stovetop hood and was able to clean it completely by just using these cloths. You can check out Anna’s blog article for photos of how these cloths worked to clean her friend’s hood.

Once you have tried cleaning your kitchen with these microfiber cloths, you will want to use them everywhere in your home. These will work as a sufficient cleaner in all areas of the home, from bathroom sinks to dusty coffee tables, and limit the use of chemicals in your home. Although these cloths are a little pricey, to begin with, they will save you money in the long run, because they are washable and reusable, and will replace all of your current cleaning products. They will also help lessen your impact on the environment by preventing you from using disposable paper towels or throwing out empty cleaning bottles. Additionally, they will help promote a safe environment for small children and your pets by limiting or eliminating the use of chemical cleaners. If these cloths are of interest to you, Anna has more information about them, as well as a link to the company website. Thank you to Anna, the author of Ask Anna lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on cleaning grease without the use of chemicals.

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