The easiest way to clean dust bunnies without moving the furniture

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Have you looked under your furniture lately? If not, you'll probably find a lot of dust lingering underneath it. These little clumps of dust are called dust bunnies, but there's nothing cute about them. Dust can gather under your sofa, your bed and tables collecting over time creating dust bunnies. They are made of lint, hair, dead skin, spider webs, and dust, as well as any other little pieces of paper or other stuff that may be on your floor. These things are then held together by static electricity, and they can also be a home to dust mites too. Dust bunnies may seem harmless but they can be potential allergens for people with dust allergies, plus they can also clog up the airflow on electronics which can make them overheat. So this is why it's so important to stay on top of cleaning these little balls of dust out of your homes regularly. Even if you're vacuuming regularly, but you're not going under your furniture, you will probably have dust bunnies hiding out underneath your furniture. Good thing there are some cleaning tips and simple life hacks that make it much easier to get rid of your dust bunnies.

Slate shows us one of their awesome simple life hacks that we can use to get the dust bunnies out from under our furniture. Just use a hair blow dryer to blow the dust bunnies into plain sight so that you can vacuum them up or sweep them up a lot easier. When you're ready to clean up the dust bunnies take your blow dryer and plug it in close to the piece of furniture and then put it on high and direct the airflow under the furniture. The dust bunnies will blow out from under the furniture easily. This works great on non-carpeted flooring, but on carpets, the dust tends to stick to the fibres more. If you have carpets under your furniture you'll have to vacuum under it or, move your furniture regularly to vacuum properly and pick up all of the dust. Also, be sure to empty your vacuum regularly so that it's able to work the best it can in picking up the dust in your home. You can also get an air purifier for dust in your home. The best ones have a HEPA filter or a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. These filters can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles to reduce dust and other potential allergens in your home.

You can also reduce the amount of dust in your house by not wearing your outdoor shoes indoors. Tracking dirt and sand into your house can result in dust, and it can also bring a lot of germs into your home. Leaving your windows open when it's windy can also allow dust to enter into your house as well. Indoor dust is caused by dust mites who feed on dead skin cells and then dust is their excrement. Dust mites are everywhere, and they are minuscule, so you can't actually see them. They are difficult to eliminate completely, but by cleaning your home regularly, you can avoid having a lot of dust mites and therefore a lot of dust in your home. For your mattress, you can buy a dust mite protective mattress cover to prevent the mites from getting into your mattress which is where they can thrive. Trying out these simple cleaning tips and simple life hacks will help you reduce the amount of dust in your home as well as get rid of the dust bunnies you already have under your furniture.***

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