The easiest way to remove baked on grease

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Baking pans go through lots of use, and even when they are cleaned correctly, they oxidise and become discoloured. If you would like to know how to remove spots from your stainless-steel baking pans, there are ways to return them to relatively new condition with simple cleaning measures. Julie, the author of the Frugally Blonde lifestyle blog, has figured out how to make baking pans and other stainless-steel kitchen pots and pans clean with little effort. In her case, cleaning her baking pans was necessary because they had a lot of baked on grease from over the years that wouldn’t come off. She tried cleaning the pans with a magic eraser, but it wouldn’t remove all the baked-on grime from the pans. Once she found an alternate solution, however, she started using it on everything from stainless-steel pots to glass baking dishes.

One of the most important ingredients in her cleaning recipe is natural baking soda, which is a common addition to non-toxic and green household cleaning remedies. Usually, baking soda and water are mixed together to make a paste, which can be applied on upholstery or anywhere else stains need removing, but in the case of Julie’s solution, not water is required. Instead, she mixes the baking soda with her favourite dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. In the case of this cleaning method, it doesn’t matter what brand dish liquid you buy, since all you will be relying on is its ability to sanitise and cut through grease, and no other particular properties. The baking soda similarly cuts through grease and grime on baking and cookware, especially when allowed to sit for a long time. Julie found that allowing the mixture to sit on her dirty baking sheets for three hours was enough time to make them come clean easily. All she had to do was wipe the paste away, and the dirt came off too with minimal scrubbing. You might have to leave the paste on the baking sheet for a little longer, if it is very stained or if you notice that the grease and grime aren’t wiping away right away. Julie notes that the dirt should come off almost immediately reducing the need for extensive cleaning.

Although this is an incredibly easy method for cleaning dirty or oxidised pans, the ideal would be not to have to do it, to begin with. Some good ways of preventing your stainless-steel baking sheets from getting dirty would be to line them with parchment paper or aluminum foil, which would prevent food from coming in direct contact with the baking sheet. In the case of meat that has a lot of juices, like chicken, a double layer of foil may be necessary to prevent leakage. A method of preventing your pans from rusting or oxidising would be to get them dry immediately after washing in the sink. Simply wipe them with paper towels and then place in a warm oven to finish drying.

This process should lengthen the lifespan of your stainless-steel baking and cooking items, and limit the need for extensive cleaning. Of course, even with preventative measures, you may find it necessary to use Julie’s cleaning recipe later on. Until that time comes, take a look at Julie’s hot-to photos and instructions, and bookmark her page. Thank you to Julie, the author of the Frugally Blonde lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on the easiest way for cleaning grease from stainless-steel pans. When your pans have a lot of built on grease, there is no better method.

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