The Easiest Way to Save Space

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Are you on a space-saving mission? Are you packing and preparing to move to another location and need more room in your car? Or are you spring cleaning and need to put your winter clothes away for the summer? Then you might want to check out this excellent DIY Vacuum Packing technique over at the Instructables website.

It’s so true; you really don’t need to succumb to the Spacebag infomercials to benefit from vacuum packing your goods. You can do it all by yourself by using this very simple method with materials you already have in your cleaning closet. Why vacuum-pack? Well, it’s a wonderful space-saving idea because it literally compacts your clothes, bedding, pillows, and comforters into an easy, bite-sized bit that’ll be much easier to squeeze in your suitcase, moving boxes, or the trunk of your car. Clothes, coats, and fabrics can take up a ton of space if they aren’t properly minimized.

Vacuum packing can also keep your linens and clothes as fresh as the day you packed them. By removing all of the air from the storage bag, odours can’t develop within, and they cannot penetrate from without, so everything inside is preserved perfectly! A word to the wise, however - do make sure the fabrics are clean when they go into the vacuum-packed bag. If they do smell in any way, then that scent will get sealed into the bag and when you open it, you will not be pleased.

A great idea would be to fill a few organza bags with lavender and add one to each of the bags that you’re going to vacuum pack. The fresh lavender scent will permeate the fabrics inside so that when you open them up again, everything will smell wonderful.

Want to learn more about do it yourself vacuum packing? Then head on over to the “Instructables” website by following the link in the description below!

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