The Escape Tiny House is a PERFECT vacation getaway

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When you're thinking about making a move to small house living there are a lot of things to consider. So the best way to get a feel for what small house living would be like is to spend some time in a tiny house and see what you think about it. Since tiny houses have become so popular, there are more tiny house accommodations available than ever. It's nice to stay in a small home away from home instead of staying in a generic hotel or an overcrowded hostel. Plus, when you stay in a small home, you will usually have a kitchen so you can save money by making your own meals. If you're thinking about building a tiny house on wheels, then you'll want to rent out a tiny house on wheels to get a feel for what it would be like to live in such a space. If you're planning on moving into a smaller house on a foundation, then look for accommodations close to what you could see yourself moving into. The Escape is just one of the many tiny house accommodations available through VRBO, and this one has no cleaning fee for stays over four days.

Located in Orderville, Utah near Zion National park you'd get to experience small house living and the amazing sights surrounding it. The owners of the tiny house partnered with East Zion Experiences which is a canyoneering and ATV tour company to give their guests a great discount of 25% off tours. The tiny house is brand new and very modern and stylish. Everywhere you look in the home there is luxury so you definitely wouldn't be roughing it when you stay there. Even if you have kids, this would be a great place to stay since there is a separate loft area with two beds in it. Kids would love having their own little hideaway in the loft with a skylight to stargaze at night. The tiny house also features a lovely kitchen with everything you'd need to enjoy making homecooked meals so you can stay healthy while on vacation. There's a full sized fridge and stove as well as a microwave for convenience. A grocery store is just a short walk away so you can pick up fresh ingredients to make all of your own meals. The living room features comfortable furniture and a TV to watch movies and TV on when you need some downtime.

There's also a great patio on this tiny house which is always a great feature on any home. Patios like this are especially important for small house living because they really extend the living space to the outside world. The master bedroom looks really comfortable and cozy with a closet to put your clothes and lots of room to walk around the bed. In the bathroom, there is a gorgeous tiled shower with glass doors and a large vanity and sink. There's even a set of laundry machines in the bathroom too for longer stays if you need to do some laundry. Staying in one of these smaller houses is such a great way to get design ideas for building a tiny house of your own. You can see how well so many things fit into the tiny house you see here and how great the space can be when it's planned well. Even if you don't spend some time at this tiny house, you can definitely get some tiny house design inspiration from the photos you'll see on VRBO, and you can look through other listings for tin houses to get some more inspiration.***

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