The Famous Neiman Marcus Cookie

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This Neiman Marcus cookie recipe has an intriguing story that can be matched by the deliciousness of the cookie itself. Christy, the writer of The Girl Who Ate Everything recipe blog, came up with this version, which is a combination of the best chocolate chip cookie and oatmeal cookie ever. These cookies are studded with chopped milk chocolate and pecans, which makes this cookie recipe even more special. According to Christy, these cookies may have taken on their fame due to a story that was spread around about a woman who took revenge on Neiman Marcus, a clothing store, after being charged $250 for the cookie recipe. Supposedly this woman attended a party at the store and enjoyed the cookies she ate so much that she requested the recipe be given to her. Although she thought she would pay only $2.50 for the cookie recipe, she ended up being charged $250 instead. Ater that, she took it upon herself to make sure as many people as possible got hold of the instructions to make this extravagant homemade cookie recipe. Whether the story is true or not, these cookies are chunky and delicious with a hint of salt from the salted butter.

The process of making these easy homemade cookies is very similar to making a chocolate chip cookie dough. The first step is to mix the butter with the sugars before the eggs, vanilla and dry ingredients are added. Also, like chocolate chip cookie recipes, both white and brown sugar are used to add complexity to the taste of the finished cookies. While you could use just white sugar or brown sugar, using only white sugar would produce a lighter coloured cookie, while using just brown sugar might produce one that is overly dark. The brown sugar adds a molasses taste, while the white sugar adds lots of sweetness without any additional flavour. Whatever you do, use both sugars to make the most delicious cookie ever.

These drop cookies don’t require any complicated steps to bake them. They are simply portioned and rolled into balls before being baked in the oven. If you would like the process of making these easy cookies to go faster, use a small cookie scoop to portion mounds of the dough on the baking sheet. The cookies should spread into uniform round disks just like if you rolled them into balls yourself. As with other dessert recipes, you don’t want to overbake the cookies or else their texture may become unappealing. Once baked, the cookies will still feel relatively soft, but don’t bake them any longer because they will firm up as they cool. A good indicator of doneness is if the base of the cookies is golden brown. You don’t want the bottoms of the cookies to be too pale, or else they may be underdone.

If you need a dessert recipe for school lunches or snacks during the day, this cookie should fit the bill. It has the perfect combination of sweetness from two kinds of chocolate, as well as a nuttiness from the pecans and saltiness from the butter. The addition of oats gives this cookie recipe texture and complexity, as well as a healthier halo. Desserts or sweet fruit are always best when combined with high fibre because fibre slows down digestion and limits how fast sugar enters the bloodstream. Although these cookies aren’t altogether healthy, the oats will help maintain a more even blood sugar during the day. Thank you to Christy, the author of The Girl Who Ate Everything recipe blog, for sharing her Neiman Marcus cookie recipe with us.

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