The Greatest Chicken Satay

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Peanut Satay is one of my most favourite dishes, and if it is one of yours too, now you can make it at home! Here is the recipe for The Greatest Chicken Satay! Its hard to call one recipe the 'greatest' of all, but usually these are the ones that end up getting the most views on the net, and usually they are the best, from my online recipe testing experience at least. I will always go to the one that says that it's the best or the greatest or all time favourite recipe. It shows that the person or people have great confidence in this recipe, and thats what I want to try is the one that stands out the most!

Chicken satay is served at many Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, and is so amazing just with a salad or over some plain rice. The recipe here shows it on skewers, and then you can dip it in the nice sauce that they show you how to make on this recipe too. It is also awesome for the Vietnamese sub sandwiches as well, with carrots, cucumber, and cilantro, with their nice spread and hot sauce, all on a perfectly baked baguette that is nice and soft yet nice and folded brown on the outside.

The ingredients are also pretty good for you, and it includes all natural ingredients, so you don't have to worry about it not being healthy. This chicken would make a great lunch or appetizer as the author of this recipe mentions, since they are on sticks, and super easy to distribute between people. Would you make these for a meal or an appetizer for a gathering? How about for a snack or a sandwich? Make sure you save this recipe for future use, by bookmarking it or pinning it! Head over to 'The Londoner' by clicking on the link in the section below for more!

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