The Gross Mistake You Make Storing Your Toothbrush

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There are some things that exist that people would just rather not think about! Like The Gross Mistake You Make Storing Your Toothbrush... People generally store their tooth brushes in very similar ways, the most common probably being upright, in a cup by the bathroom sink. This article will tell you the best way to store your toothbrush, but I will not give it away for you hear, you must go and read the detailed article for yourself!

Other ways people store their toothbrushes might be in a toothbrush case, like those ones the hold the entire toothbrush inside, creating a protective casing for you to store your toothbrush in. These are great for travelling, so that your toothbrush can stay free of any surrounding germs and bacteria that are around. It is really important to clean out these cases too, by boiling them in hot water perhaps, or washing them out with some vinegar and hot water, or what ever cleaning supplies you like to use. The other storage cases are the ones that cover the tip of the toothbrush, and these are great, but since they only cover the tip, they are not covering the entire part that you put into your mouth and I personally prefer the ones that hold the entire toothbrush.

Some people just toss their toothbrushes in a drawer and don't really thing twice about it, and the toothbrush could be in there with other germs and bacteria depending on what else is in there, same with the medicine cabinet or other bathroom storage. The main thing is if you share your bathroom with other people, your toothbrush is going to be picking up on their germs too, it's just a fact. Germs are not something to loose sleep over in the long run though. Head over to 'Good House Keeping' by following the link in the section below for more!

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