The hairspray trick to remove pet fur from clothing

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Having a pet brings a lot of joy into your life, so much so that you don't really even mind having to deal with the other aspects of having a pet like the hair and fur that gets everywhere. If you've ever tried to leave the house and remove the hair from your clothing before heading out, you know how tricky it can be. There are lint rollers with sticky tape, and there are the plushy ones too. No matter what type of fur or hair you're dealing with it can be difficult to remove from your clothing, and it's especially noticeable on black clothing too. Thicker wire-like hair from pets is actually even more difficult to remove and sometimes you actually have to pluck the hairs out of your items. You can also vacuum regularly to prevent the build-up of hair, and you may also want to keep your pets off of your furniture if the hair really bothers you. That way it won't get on your clothes when you sit down on the furniture. This is one of the cleaning tips, and simple life hacks you can use if you are dealing with soft fluffy fur or even fuzz from a blanket.

For this cleaning tip, all you need is some hairspray and a clean, dry cloth. Just take the hairspray and spray a good amount of it all over the cloth for about one or two seconds. Then, allow the hairspray to dry for about 10 minutes or so, and you'll feel that it gets slightly tacky. When it's tacky, take it in your hand and rub it all over the piece of clothing you want to remove the hair from. It works best to wipe it against the weave of the fabric, so you pull up any loose hair. You'll see that the hairspray cloth works really good at cleaning up most of the hair on your clothing. If there is still some hair left, you can repeat the process with another cloth or with the other side of the cloth you used. You'll also notice that this method even picks up some of the other little pieces of fuzz on your clothing too. This would also be a great cleaning tip to use to clean up the hair off of your furniture as well. Just work your way from one side of the piece of furniture to the other from top to bottom.

Another great method for cleaning up hair or fur off of your clothing is to use some sticky tape. This works great if you don't have any hairspray around. Just take some clear packing tape or even duct tape. Cut a large strip of tape off of the roll and then wrap it around your hand, so you create a ring of tape on your hand. Then press the tape to your clothing or furniture to lift the hair up off of your clothing. The hair should stick to the tape really easily, and you should be left with a hair-free item after trying this cleaning tip. Other cleaning tips you can try out to reduce the amount of hair you get on your clothing include keeping your dress clothes or work clothes in your closet when you're not wearing them. Getting a good vacuum can also work wonders when it comes to cleaning up pet fur. Look for a vacuum that has a label on it saying it's been tested and approved for picking up pet hair. Try out these cleaning tips and simple life hacks and see more of them on Creek Line House.***

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