The Incredible Folding Picnic Table

Photo Credit: Goods Home Design

Wow. What a gas. You must check out this incredible Folding Picnic Table. It is the most amazing piece of folding furniture that you will have ever seen. It is a great thing to have, especially if you have a small back yard, a balcony where you want occasional seating, if you like to have picnics at the park, and many other times and places where you wish you had table and chairs.

This incredible picnic table folds up very tiny and neat and can fit in to your closet. It also rolls on wheels so you can move it around easily wherever you want to put it. When it is unfolded, the table part is big enough to fit four people, and there are four chairs that come with the unit. There is even a slot to add an umbrella. This is a very clever device and design. The one modeled at the Goods Home Design website is made from knotty pine, a relatively light weight and attractive wood. Since this is something you can construct yourself, you can also choose the wood, too.

If you live in an urban environment where space is limited both at home and even in public parks, this folding picnic table is practically a must-have. You can easily fit this folding table into the back of your vehicle or in the trunk and transport it wherever you might want to spend a few hours. It can nicely work at the beach, too. This is a really clever piece of design, and if you have been thinking to build a picnic table, at all, think about this particular folding one. It is smart, compact, and yet large enough to fit four people. Why not build two of them? It is not expensive and will last you a long time.

Find out how to make this design and many others at the website, Goods Home Design, by following the link below.

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